Symantec - Norton Anti-virus Complaint - Ripped off by Symantec!

Review by susieb on 2006-10-11
I have done scans once a week since I installed norton anti-virus in Feb. For the last two months I get "no threats found" at the end of the scan, but my computer was running slow and I'd scan with spybot and adaware and they'd come up with threats. So I started an online chat with norton's customer service. They charged me $39.95 and we chatted for about an hour and a half and then they said turn off your computer and restart it. I said that he online chat would end but my problem wasn't fixed and I had paid 40 bucks. They gave me a chat number I was supposed to enter and it would get me back to online chat without having to pay.

I shut down my computer, re-started it, went back online and entered my chat #. Message came back that no CSR was waiting for my chat and I couldn't get through to anyone. I called the 800 number (call center in India) and they said that they could help, that they had to charge me again $40 but they'd credit the other charge. We went through and identified the threats and then Rajeesh said that if I wanted them to remove them it would be another $30! So I got out my credit card for a third time! All the while I'm saying to myself "norton is the gold standard in AV, right?" I also thought of the $270 I paid to get my computer fixed after it crashed because of viruses, so I figured I'd spend the money now or later.

We got everything fixed and again I was assured that I'd get a credit on the first $40 charge. Two days later I received a call on my answering machine from norton that I returned. The message sounded like it was from Rajeesh's sister, except her english was worse than Rajeesh and she talked faster. I called it and they told me that someone would be in touch with me in 24 hours about my credit. I told them that there was no question about the credit, that it was promised and I expected it would come. He hemmed and hawed. I started shouting. I figured that would help them understand my english better, right? I told them I expected a call in 60 min about my credit or I was going to contact my bank and dispute the charges. Well nobody called me back, ever! It could be that they didn't want to talk to the screaming lady in NC.

A few days later I saw the first two charges post to my account as a purchase from Symantec and let them be. Three days after that I noticed a $39.95 charge by a company called ISEVA. Did some research and found out it was an offshore clearing house that Symantec billed through. I called my bank and disputed the charge and they told me the only way I could get it taken off my account was to cancel my debit card and have them send me a new one. So I cancelled my debit card and am cardless for about 10 days!

I spent a total of 6 hrs on the phone/net with symantec and I've spent more time trying to straighten out the charges. I'm doing the same kind of surfing I did before and even after doing live updates and manually run scans I'm not coming up with any threats. Rajeesh told me not to download free software and not to run spybot or adaware, which I haven't.
I want an anti-virus that protects my computer and I don't have to spend an extra $70 mid year to fix what's gotten through.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2006-10-11:
Susieb, if you'll look back you will see a number complaints recently about Nortons. I replied to several since I had renewed recently and was displeased with what the new version offered.

I enjoy a bargain and signed up for that $50.00 two year contract which included all the extras and no extra charge for questions. Forget the chat, they would disconnect before I could even complete my question. Finally, in frustration, I typed in "Do not Disconnect Before I can Complete my Question" and they stayed on the line. No matter, there was no resolution even after that. At least I did not spend the additional money you did.

I too, have the Spybot and Adware on my system and even with the "old" Nortons the two programs would pick up a few Norton's has missed, but it didn't trouble me at the time. I've felt for a while we all could use several extra programs on our systems to pick up on the ones our regular paid for anti-virus missed.

Dispute the charges on your credit card and continue to dispute the charges until it freezes over. Too many people have complained so you know it is not just you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-11:
You really have to give AVG a try. They are free, and phenomenal.
Posted by D. on 2006-10-11:
I had alot of problems with my computer crashing...when I called for tech support, I was asked to read off all the programs I had installed on my computer...as soon as I mentioned the Norton Anti-Virus, he interrupted me and said, "Yep, that's it"...he told me to uninstall it because there are alot of problems with it and that is the number one problem people call Tech Support about. Once I uninstalled it, I never had anymore problems with my computer crashing.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2006-10-12:
Adaware and Spybot or any spyware program for that matter show threats that are not really threats. They are just cookies and other web junk that are deemed as a threat. The reason your system was slow is because Norton was running. Norton takes up about 40 % of your PC's performance just running in the background. I would suggest you purchase ETrust EZ Antivirus and the problems will go away. Norton is junk.
Posted by D. on 2006-10-12:
Thanks for the advice ShawnP...I didn't realize how much Norton takes up...I only know that it was a big problem when I had it installed...Then, I just thought they were all the same.
Posted by CJSim on 2006-12-04:
hello. i agree that Symantec Norton is rubbish, well bollocks really. you shoulkd try McAfee virus scan its fantastic, it misses nothing and scans quicker than Norton, i had one problem once, with updates, five mins on the phone and it was sorted! give it a try!
Posted by Watercat on 2007-01-04:
I was ripped off too: my old Norton found a virus (W32Stration)and suggested I upgrade to 2007 which I stupidly did. I tried to install the download numerous times but kept on having problems. Finally many days, emails and a live-scan later I tried live-chat. There a techie told me I had to pay more to have my PC remotely accessed and cleaned up. He was very pushy and stated that the virus would rapidly spread throughout my system if I didn't do this immediately (keep in mind that I had been emailing and trying to install for a week and nobody at symantec seemed concerned until then).

I cannot understand why I should have to pay even more after their own recommended product (and solution) failed to work in the first place. I've asked for a refund. It's been a waste of my money and my time.

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