Congressional VW Rockville, MD Complaint - Service - Break Down Reimbursables

Review by Julien on 2006-10-13
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- October 13, 2006

Congressional VW
801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Re: Vehicle Break-Down (August 27th, 2006) – Trip interruption Reimbursable Expenses
2004 Toaereg

I wrote to Congrssional VW today to inform them of how frustrated, angry, upset and most of all, literally disgusted I was with VW at this point.

I had contacted Congressional VW in early September complaining about the miserable and troublesome weekend I had with my wife and kids as a result of my vehicle breaking down on the side of the road. The vehicle broke down as a result of Congressional VW’s incompetent service technicians who failed to repair our vehicle properly twice in a row. The vehicle had some sort of a miss-fire which caused it not to operate properly at any speeds. Once affected by these symptoms, the vehicle shook, rattled and simply sounded more like a farm tractor rather than a $40,000.00 luxury vehicle.

Upon the first occurrence, we took the vehicle straight to Congressional VW for service. The vehicle sat at the dealership for days and eventually, we were told to come pick it up (oh and we didn’t get a simple car wash as we had requested – go figure). We were told that the vehicle had a miss-fire which had been corrected and we were good to go. About two or three weeks later; days before our long and well anticipated road trip; the vehicle literally broke down again with the exact same symptoms a couple of miles or so away from the dealership. Again, my wife and kids as well as my mother in law whom had just been picked up from the hospital by my wife, sat at the dealership for hours while the vehicle was being serviced / repaired again. This time, after numerous hours, we were told that something had actually been replaced / repaired and that the problem should not happen again.

Assuming the problem had now been corrected and our vehicle was safe to drive again, we proceeded with our road trip two days after this “repair” had been performed. Needless to say, on a Sunday morning, about 50 miles away from home, we end up stranded out in the middle of Baltimore because our service technicians apparently had no idea nor did they really care about repairing the vehicle, rather they simply wanted to get an upset mom and her kids out of their service department as quickly as possible.

Upon returning from the trip, I paced a formal complaint to Charles Devault’s attention in which I was told the Service Manager would contact me in order to discuss further. Upon receipt of the phone call, the Service Manager had the nerve to blame my wife as a result of the incident stating that he was being rushed and therefore could not have repaired the vehicle properly. My argument with his comment, first of all; the car should have been repaired properly the first time and secondly; we should have been advised to leave the vehicle at the dealership for further service if that were truly required. From that discussion, I advised the Service Manager that he would never lay a hand on my vehicle again and I demanded to speak to someone else in regard to the issue. After numerous calls and arguments with Congressional VW staff, we were told by Sue Seboda (Principal)that the Service Department had made a mistake and that we should have been advised to leave the vehicle for further service. Therefore, as a result of that comment, we were told that we would be reimbursed for the expenses we incurred as a result of this occurence.

We submitted our claim to VW Roadside as we were advised by Congressional VW staff and we waited. After over a month of no correspondence, I finally decided to contact them myself requesting an update in which I was told over the phone that my claim had been denied because I apparently had not broken down far enough away from home (less than 100 miles). I could care less if I had broken down two miles or two thousand miles away from home, in either case and under this particular situation, I would feel the exact same way.

I have been advised by VW Customer Care that if the dealership agreed to reimburse me for my expenses, that the dealership should then reimburse me. I am literally disgusted with how this issue has been handled especially over less than the $200.00 we are seeking in rembursement. At this point, I can safely say that I shall never again for as long as I live purchase another VW vehicle. In addition, I have proceeded with seeking legal council as well as issuing a formal complaint against the dealership with the Better Business Bureau. Lastly, I am also issuing on-line complaints wherever possible. This is truly not about the little money we are seeking, at this point, it is about setting the record straight and having Congressional step forward and acknowledge as well as accept responsibility for your actions.

I would recommend that all who read this document stay away from Congressional VW. After my recent experience, it has been determined that Customer Service is not their #1 priority.


Julien Bartolo
Silver Spring, MD
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-07-17
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-13:
I will take your good advice and rather than spend "$40,000 on a luxury vehicle" I will continue to spend it on a home and food for my kids. I would just like to add that if I was your Mom and had just been picked up from the hospital I would be mad at YOU for making me sit at a car dealer for several hours - ever hear of rental cars or taxi cabs?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-13:
Mr. Bartolo I sympathize with you and which you the best on you pursuit in this matter. I totally understand how it can be to deal with any car dealer ship. I personally would never buy a VW in the first place but you should not have to go through what you did with your family. I hope your mom is doing well. All best to you and yours
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-14:
If you put a rainbow sticker on the back of the VW, it will run better! LMAO
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-22:
But dealer I thought that only worked in CA? lol
Posted by nodog on 2007-01-09:
I just had a problem with congressional vw. I sent a credit card deposit to them to hold a used car for four days. I was going to give them a tellers check for the balance on Saturday. I talked with them after sending the completed credit card form they had sent me and all seemed fine. That night (10 o'clock) they sent an e-mail to my work address and told me they had sold the car that night and wished me luck on finding another car. When I called them they said the didn't accept deposits on used cars. I'd like to have the lawyers name that you are using, as I feel I was done wrong. The car was for my daughter and after I finally found the one we wanted and made the deal I told her and showed her the pictures. Needless to say she is very disappointed.
Posted by undata on 2007-07-17:
German cars are not as reliable as Japanese cars for those not willing to pay attention to the technical details of owning a car. Besides that I have not found a reliable dealer of any make.
But my VW handles better than most Japanese cars. I have a 97 Passat that has had one problem in 10 years of ownership. Before that I had a Japanese car for 18 years with few problems. So you have to look at yourself before you look at the car, and decide what you can handle.

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