Hartz Informative - Avoid hartz flea treatments

Review by txcupl2001@yahoo.com on 2006-10-18
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Hartz has killed many pets - lots of complaints on the net - in fact there are websites totally dedicated to explaining the details

i was horrified when i saw what i did to my daughters kitten....the kitty pulled through, but it wasnt pretty
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Posted by S on 2006-10-18:
I had never heard of this. I googled it and found a site, Hartzvictims.org. Awful! Thanks for the warning. We personally don't use flea collars, but I'm sure there are many others that do!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-18:
Yes, let me add my thanks for your review, I have three cats and never heard about this.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-10-18:
I was aware of the danger of flea collars for kittens only because a neighbor told me years ago her kitten had died because of one. I checked at the grocery store this afternoon and the Hartz flea collars for cats does have a warning in tiny,tiny print on the back, along with all sorts of other warnings, not to use on cats less than 12 weeks of age (the dog collars had 6-9 weeks). I think "Not for Kittens" should be stamped in bold letters on the front. Who would think something that potent would be available over the counter?

My dog's flea treatment is included in her Sentinel monthly heartworm tablet and Advantage flea treatment for cats comes in a tube. Both are available at your vets.

I'm delighted your daughter's kitten survived and appreciate you sharing your story. You've certainly educated some readers today, just as my neighbor did me.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-10-21:
Nohandle:I think that's a great idea for them to place in bold letters "Not for Kittens". That should be a suggestion sent to the company. I had no idea either that there was a problem and now I realize the reason I lost 3 kittens several years ago. At that time I had a bad flea problem with the mother cat and was doing everything I could think of to clear up the situation with her and the kittens. I feel aweful now knowing what probably killed them but at the same time am glad for info for the future. Thanks for the warning.

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