Hurricane Glass Shield Informative - Poor Customer Service, Communication and Treatment

Review by dolfinfl on 2006-10-18
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- This company was hired by me on 6.7.06. I ordered (through the salesman that came over) 3 different materials to be used on my windows and doors at my home. I gave him my deposit. I was given a date of mid-August for installation. The salesman had to call me 3x to get my DL# for permit because he kept losing it and the permit still came in my husband's name.
Mid- August I get a phone call that my clear panels will be installed the next day. The guys come out after not being able to look on a map of where I live. They only completed 2 1/2 of the 3 windows. They said they were missing a piece and they would be back the next day to finish. A week later, and no one came, I got a bill for the clear panels. I called and called and always got the CS voicemail. SHe would not call me back. So after another week I wrote a letter to the manager who never responded either. Another week later someone called and said they'd be out to finish the window and that was finished one month from starting it.
Then I was given a date of 9.6.06 for my steel and aluminum to be installed. The guy calls and again can't look at a map and see where I live. (Hello! Mapquest geniuses) so again he says he is lost although he hasn't left yet. I give him the easy directions and he says he'll be there in an hour. He calls back and says he has a family emergency and can't do it and for me to call CS to reschedule. I do and of course I get voicemail and she never calls me back. I get a hold of the salesman after 3 hours who in turn has someone call me back and states they will be out tomorrow to do the job.
The next day they don't show up til after noon and they left a 5pm. They only did 1/2 my house and left tracks and shutters and a drill in my side yard. They left aluminum and LOTS of steel shutters stacked in my driveway. I was not told that day what that was for or why they left without finishing. My husband was gone so I had to lug all the shutters from the driveway into the garage so they wouldn't get stolen. I was left no hardware and I was only assuming those shutters were mine for the fillers to put up on the job they did where they had only left the ends up.
That was a Thursday. On Friday I called CS (although I really don't know why I bother) and got voicemail and left messages again and no call back. On SUNDAY MORNING AT 8am I get a knock on the door. It's the installer wanting his drill back. After waking me and 3 little kids up, I opened the garage for him to get it and asked him what happened and he lied saying he was here until 7pm (I was home- I know)and he was short about 25 pieces! He didn't know when it would be finished. That was it.
I call and call again and nothing. So then I wrote the owners a letter and CC'd the GM. I explained all my problems and that the job wasn't completed and that shutters were left in my grass, consequently killing it and I had no idea as to what was going on. CS will not respond to me and on top of all this they were over billing me by $200. I asked that they correct the situation. One week goes by and no response to my letter, no phone call, nothing. So then I reported them to the BBB. Nothing from the BBB, so I hit the local TV station's consumer watch and nothing from them. I give up.
Then I get a call from the Building Inspector (who incidentally called from H.G.S)-she wanted to come out and inspect my shutters, I had to ask her, "how can you inspect them when they aren't up?" So I told her all my problems, and she seemed so sympathetic. HA! She said she'd find out what was going on and call me back the very next day. And surprise surprise NOTHING! All lies.
Then a week later some guy just shows up at my door- as unfriendly as can be- and says he wants to look around and see what was done and take an inventory of what I have. He says he doesn't know what for us to expect from his visit after we ask.
So then I email the BBB headquarters as to what happened to my complaint and the next day the local office calls and leaves a message here that she called and they are finishing the job the next day (a total of 1 month from starting the steel)and she is closing the case and I can reopen it if the job isn't done right. The job was completed, as far as I know the next day. They used 3 clear panels where there should've been steel. Not that I should complain about that because the clear ones let light in, but now I have 2 clear on the front and 2 clear and 1 steel on the side (which looks stupid) and all steel but 1 on the back. Only because they screwed up and couldn't do the steel. It definitely wasn't a favor to me. Then they had to patch up all the bad spots the first guy did. Then they gave us the bill and still are over charging us $200. We say that's wrong and their owners know it and they say ok, well the office can deal with it. That was Friday. On Tuesday I get another bill saying we owe $253. I wrote another letter (pointlessly) and gave them the $53 we owed for the aluminum that we were never billed for.
This company, as you can see, has been the bane of my existence for 4 1/2 months. I highly recommend using someone else next year for your shutters. These people don't care about you and they don't care about their company apparently. Their employees are very unfriendly and lie to you. I wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy. Now all I have to do is get the inspector out here so I can take down all the shutters they had to leave up. My house is a dungeon and it's going on 7 days now. Last time, when the inspector called it has been 3 weeks since they had come out. Great.

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