Review by dpaul on 2006-10-19
LAKE CITY, FLORIDA -- I have never in my life experienced a drive thru were it took so long that I had to shut my car off! I waited 20 minutes for one breakfast burrito and when the server came out? They past me and served the car BEHIND me! That was when I drove off EXTREMELY angry! Trust me; I am being nice with my choice of words here. It baffles me how they are still in business! Every Sonics I have been to has had extremely slow drive-thru service! I mean if you can't provide timely service in a drive-thru? THEN DON'T HAVE ONE!
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Posted by S on 2006-10-19:
I hope you hadn't paid yet. I've driven off from a few drive-thrus in my life... but they have always been isolated incidents. Happens once... no big deal. Happens twice, I stop going there.
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-10-19:
I guess you could say that the Sonic service is Sub-Sonic. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-19:
We have the same problem with our Sonic's.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-19:
Come on DP, all "Sonics" can't be that bad.
Posted by dpaul on 2006-10-19:
No I did not pay yet and I have always received slow service there-this was just the first time I got mad enough to drive off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-19:
Are their burritos that good?
Posted by Beard277 on 2006-10-19:
Right. Blame the ENTIRE COMPANY because some high school dropout forgot to make your order. That makes alot of sense. Maybe if you had half a brain, you would have gone inside and seen what the holdup was. Obviously after 20 minutes they forgot about your order or gave it to somebody else. I mean there comes a point when restaurant incompentency is only magnified by a lack of common sense. I think with a sonic drive thru order for 1 burrito, that cutoff point is about 3-7 minutes.
Posted by Beard277 on 2006-10-19:
Oh forgot to say. Your job title must not be much higher paying than that high school dropout microwaving your 2 day old burrito. Anyone who has 20 minutes to waste waiting for something they paid what, 2 bucks for?? Geez man, time is money for most of us. But then again I'm salaried and have enough self esteem to speak up when my food takes too long. Or leave well before 20 minutes has elapsed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-19:
Well, I wouldn't go there again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-19:
(LOL) Beard, you're killing me! Pirate....You think?
Posted by LANDON on 2006-10-20:
Beard, u're just being plain out rude.
Posted by dpaul on 2006-10-20:
1) Beard needs a hobby and a big hug!
2) I got on here to vent-I feel much better
3) I happen to love their burritos! In fact I went back this morning and it was much better.
4) I have also learned that when you complain to fast food industry, what stops them from doing something to your food! I would rather go without then complain and end up eating well-I would rather not think about it.
5) I would say that not ALL Sonics are to blame but all the different ones that I have gone too have the same problem.

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-20:
Dude, you live in Florida, can't you find a burrito stand that sells "real burritos" and with less stress?
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-10-21:
Beard277:Can I offer you a xanax? Man, pretty harsh comment to someone that seems to be new around here. I didn't see any real anger in dpaul's post and don't think the angry comments were warrented. Geeze "dpaul" I just want to go make you a weeks worth of breakfast burritos now. Have a bunch of great morning :-}
Posted by dpaul on 2006-10-23:
DORCAS in reference to Beard277: I appreciate that however I was simply looking for a place to vent my frustration about my experience and I am not the sort of person to go cry over someone's thoughtless words. Usually when someone takes the time to verbalize things in that manner they usually just need a hug and something to do with all their spare time. I myself go to the gym and sweat out all my stress and frustration at the end of the day! Besides, in my opinion, I believe it to be much more of a lack of intelligence to make comments like that about someone based on a comment posted.
Posted by idiot-killer on 2006-10-23:
Well now...We have a winner here. Not getting your food in a timely manner is one thing...To come on here and cry about it, without doing nothing while you were there makes you a cry baby. You would rather "cry" about it here, rather than "do" anything about it there. Get a life...Loser.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-15:
You really should not drive when you are angry. It puts innocent lives at risk.

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