Veda Safari Informative - Refute prior malicious review

Review by mama923 on 2006-10-21
FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I have know and been a client of Veda Safari's work for many, many years. Her workmanship is superbe and the care in which she takes to handle merchandise is impeccable. Whenever she ships out her art, it is done via UPS. They pack the articles and ship them. The fact that Stephanie received one of 2 items that was broken is not Veda's fault. The fact that she immediately started on the replacement piece as soon as she heard is proves that she cares enough not to wait until the settlement with UPS occurs. The fact that Stephanie wrote Veda to tell her how lovely the TWO items looked on her table but never bothered to take back her complaints only bears out that she is only out to hurt people.

If there ever was a more caring person about their work, they'd have to care more than Veda does for her dedication and honesty are a par above all others.

I am writing this because it should definitely be noted that a complaint is one thing but lies are another. And when someone goes out of their way to be cruel, it should not be left alone but needs to be refuted. I've just done that!
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Posted by Skye on 2006-10-21:
What??? What complaint are you talking about????
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-21:
The only one I saw was this one from September 2004...
Weird eh! Maybe mama923 just stepped out of one of those Florida timewarps
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-21:
She is the refuter from the past!
Posted by Shakra on 2006-10-22:
One that was written on Sept. 10th. Nobody commented on it and was completely forgotten until I looked it up. The only thing this person did was to direct us to the original complaint. Is this person trying to help Veda Safari or harm her?
Posted by mama923 on 2006-10-22:
It just so happens that I had never seen this site up until this past week. My remarks were to refute the slander done by Stephanie, who by the way wrote and said she would call Veda a 'mad woman' if she refuted this. Veda is one of the kindest, honorable person I've had the privilege to know. This is not from a 'time warp', I have better things to do than read other people's views, but when I happened to fall on this site quite by accident, while I was on the phone with Veda BTW, I couldn't help but try to undo the harm that had been done to her. I stand by my prior statements for I've known Veda personally for many years and one couldn't ask for a kinder hearted friend.
Posted by stephwink on 2006-10-25:
After two years Veda Safari contacted me via e-mail a few days ago about this complaint which she said was in a "Hollywood Florida" local newspaper or newsletter. It has never been my intention to slander her - she charged me sales tax when she shouldn't have because the piece was sent out of state, caused me an additional $30 charge to stop payment on a check because she sent me the wrong mailing address for the check -never reimbursed me for the sales tax or check cost as she had promised and tried to blame UPS for the original artpiece arriving broken when in fact she did not pack it properly and tried to file a claim. When UPS contacted us we told them the truth and that was it was packed with no regard for protection and she didn't even insure it (can you believe that)- In actuality the artpiece is amateurish and certainly not worth over $700 - I believe it ultimately cost me almost $800 after the tax and check charge. Frankly if "mama923" would like to purchase this piece from me and add another lovely piece of Veda Safari art to their collection I would gladly part with it for the price I paid, in fact, I will sell it to them for $600, but I suspect that will not happen as I am confident "mama923" is Veda Safari. And just for the record I never threatened to call her a "mad woman" on this website. I am just sorry I ever did business with her. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
Posted by mama923 on 2006-10-28:
I was the reason Veda contacted Stephanie Wink for Stephanie didn't even have the decency to alert Veda to the damage she created by her fabricated stories. Innocently I was looking up Veda's work that's online and I came across the lie that was perpetrated against her and told Veda about it, she didn't even know this had occurred. I've known Veda for more than 12 years now and NEVER EVER has anyone had an unkind or derrogatory word to say about her or her work and more than that, she definitely is not a liar, unlike some people who do nothing else but willfully damage the character of one who has the highest integrity. This hateful person who didn't even have the decency to give someone the opportunity of responding to her slander doesn't deserve the beauty of Veda's art in her home. Hateful people will get everything you deserve as a result of your wicked ways.
Posted by stephwink on 2006-10-28:
Lady - you have not addressed one issue which was the reason for the initial posting. You just babble on and on about integrity - In my world integrity does not include: 1) Charging out of state sales tax and not refunding it
2) Not refunding stop payment of check charges due to the seller providing a wrong "remit to" address
3) Trying to file a phony claim with UPS blaming them for the original artpiece arriving broken when in fact the seller packed it with no regard for protection
4) Seller ignoring e-mails from me after she promised she would return the money for the check and sales tax - This does not spell out integrity in my world. And lastly, if you are always looking for her work I gave you the opportunity to buy it for far below her asking price - I didn't notice you taking me up on it. Also I believe you are making this thing far too personal. My experiences with you were not good (I truly believe you are Veda) case closed. Just learn from your past mistakes, move on with your life and let it go.
Posted by mama923 on 2006-10-29:
#1. I have known Veda for 12 years, and NO I am NOT Veda!
#2. When I buy her art, I do so directly, I don't need yours.
#3. Sales Tax has to be paid whether in state or out of state if the purchase is going to the end user.
#4. And yes, I am a Lady, unlike you who is a nasty and willful chicken hearted witch who doesn't even have the courtesy or honor of slapping someone across the face, face to face but has to hide in the shadows and stab people in the back. May your dishonor follow you forever!
Posted by Artist4932 on 2006-10-30:
“stephwink” has legitimate complaints about this purchase. “mama923” comes across angry with a personal vengeance when it’s none of their business. I’m a contemporary artist. My medium is oil on masonite board, but I appreciate fine ceramic art. I viewed Veda Safari’s work at a Home Show in the Ft. Lauderdale area a few years back. Basically Veda uses glazes/paints over unfinished pre molded pieces (many pre-fab vases). She does not create these pieces using pottery wheels or kilns, just paints over the pre-fab. Leaning towards craft, I would classify her work as purely decorative. Seeing it first hand, I agree with “stephwink” that the work is somewhat amateurish but pleasing to the eye and that it’s priced way out of line.
Posted by stephwink on 2006-10-31:
To Artist4932 - I totally agree and thank you for your support and critique.
Posted by mama923 on 2006-11-01:
It is more than obvious that this purported "artist" has no idea what they're talking about for not only does Veda have 1 kiln, she has 3 of them of very large sizes to accomodate her art pieces. The Vases and pieces are not pre-fab or pre-molded pieces at all. You should really go back to school for your supposed knowledge in the world of Art really leaves much to be desired. I've been to her studios and know for a fact that I speak the on the other hand have no clue. Oil on masonite board doesn't make you at all knowledgeable in fine ceramic art. All you've done is prove you're just chattering about something you know absolutely nothing about!! Your support and critique amounts to zero for you don't have a clue.
Posted by Artist4932 on 2006-11-02:
What galleries are currently displaying your "fine ceramic art". Provide me with names of these galleries. Back up your statements with facts instead of babbling. I saw your work years ago at a Home Show in Ft. Lauderdale and have not seen it again since anywhere and I frequent galleries and art shows. This tells me one of two things, either you have retired or there is no market for your art. You say I am not knowledgable in fine ceramic art. I am very familiar with fine ceramic art and the works of fine artists such as Brenda McMahon. The defensive demeanor you portray here cannot help you, but can only make others avoid dealing with you. Do the right thing and give the customer back the money owed her for the sales tax and stop payment check fee and call it a day.
Posted by mama923 on 2006-11-02:
Both you and Stephanie are under the gross misconception that I am Veda........I AM DEFINITELY NOT, and who said anything about galleries, another fabrication of yours?
Your assumptions, the both of you are so wrong you really ought to keep your mouths shut for you know nothing about Veda or her work save for the fact that UPS's packaging wasn't good enough and 1 piece arrived broken and was replaced immediately. AGAIN, THE LAW STATES SALES TAX MUST BE PAID.....The items were not bought for re-sale but for personal use, therefore the TAX HAS TO BE PAID!! You really ought to check things out because each time you've opened your mouth, you keep sticking both feet in it. Get a life!
Posted by Artist4932 on 2006-11-02:
Direct quote from "mama 923" "and who said anything about galleries, another fabrication of yours"?

It's in Veda Safari's on line bio - website address below:
I suggest you read it. You are a "Florida Timewarp" who refutes two years after the fact. Go back into hybrination. You opened "Pandora's Box". End of story
Posted by stephwink on 2006-11-03:
Artist 4932 - This is too funny - she forgot the BS that she wrote on her own webpage bio.
Posted by mama923 on 2006-11-03:
You're both a couple of ignorant boors..........and if you want to believe your own fabrications, so be it. It only shows your own ignorance and as previously stated, this is not a site that was ever seen before and Veda never had seen it until I ran across it while surfing. So much for the delayed reaction.....As I said SALES TAX MUST BE PAID AND THAT'S THE LAW. If you didn't want to pay it, then I guess you're into breaking the law too, which is not at all surprising for people who thrive on stabbing people in the back one can't expect much more. There will not be any further replies on this from my part. Again, I AM NOT VEDA - GOT IT?

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