Rockaway Bedding Complaint - Rockaway Bedding Doesn't Follow Refund Policy

Review by macgirl on 2006-10-28
ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a King Koil Queen Alexis bed including Set Up. The salesman never told me that I would have to purchase a frame separately, so the bed was delivered without one. The main problem was the bed was defective - malformed mattress didn't fit on the box spring nicely, AND the delivery men never set up the bed. I called Customer Service immediately and asked for a refund but was told I could only get an exchange.

Their Refund Policy states that Refunds are given if the bed is rejected within 24 hours of delivery, if it is defective. Here's a copy of their policy:

"Refunds are limited to orders cancelled due to non-delivery as promised, or REJECTION WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY due to product defect or non-conformance. Such refunds are not issued from the store, but are processed at our corporate headquarters in approximately 15 business days. If your payment was made by check, the refund may take up to 30 business days to process. No refund will be issued without "proof of purchase." Except as otherwise set forth herein, no credit or refund will be issued for merchandise that is picked up and signed off by you, unless the merchandise is damaged or defective and same was not caused by your or during your transportation of the merchandise."

They refuse to adhere to their own policy, delivered a defective bed without a frame and the bed was not set up. They also have other complaints that can be found on the internet, check Consumer Affairs:

Bottom Line: AVOID ROCKAWAY BEDDING. They do not follow their own Refund Policy.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-10-29
Posted by D. on 2006-10-28:
Did the delivery men give you a reason why they would not set it up for you?
Posted by macgirl on 2006-10-28:
No - I didn't realize they didn't set it up because they brought it upstairs for me, while I was downstairs on the phone with a client when they handed me the paper to sign off on the delivery. Dumb move, I know - I should have ran up and checked.
Posted by D. on 2006-10-28:
I understand...however, they should have still set it up or at least check with you about it.
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-29:
A client of mine had a problem with Rockaway Bedding and I was able to get her a refund-not a total amount to be sure-however she did get most of her money back. They are a tough bunch there as far as the customer dis-service people on the phones. When I called to speak to my contact there, this girl is giving me attitude and I am like, "Do not antagonize me anymore than I am already. If I DO NOT speak with her now, my next call will be to the Attorney General in NJ and we will see what we can do to get you to let me talk with the person I want to speak with. I got right through and the problem has since been resolved.
Posted by macgirl on 2006-10-29:
I ended up reporting them to the BBB, Consumer Affairs and I've posted to so I am still trying to get my refund. I simply can't believe that a simple job that involves moving furniture and following instructions could be so tough to achieve. You'd think that 2 adults would be able to do their job without a babysitter.
Regardless, the main concern still remains - a defective mattress that is malformed - doesn't fit on the box spring, the top is narrower than the bottom. The man that sold me the bed told me he hasn't heard of anyone being unhappy in 6 years - ironic, because there was a law suit - New Jersey sued Rockaway Bedding just last summer (July, 2005) - check Consumer Affairs.

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