DR Campbell-East Brunswick Complaint - Do not go to see this chiropracter

Review by shnauzercrazy on 2006-10-31
NEW JERSEY -- Heres the shortest possible way i can give it to you all...I had quit my job which was a spur of the moment type deal...and I made a resume on the computer and looked on monster in regards to positions open in doctors offices or anything with receptionist/assistant. This chiropracter Dr.James Campbell located on 3-d Auer Ct in East Brunswick had a posting looking for a assistant. So i contacted the office and spoke with him over the phone and he said he wanted to meet me for an interview. So I drove about a 1/2hr away and showed up...the office is small...and i met a receptionist or i what i gather is his main assistant. I fill out the application-my first red flag is a question on the application that says something to the effect of 'do you suffer from any medical conditions that would stop you from doing the job required....now i know its illegal to ask certain questions and this one is border-line pushing it...but i do have some medical conditions and i didnt want to lie...so i did write them down...when he sat down with me and started talking to me..he spoke to me maybe for about 5minutes about the position i came in for but quickly re-routed the conversation over to my health. He said..if he did hire me and i got sick-too much-he would have to fire me...and was asking lots of questions about my health, my conditions, my doctors...He then had me look around and basically have his employee there show me things..and i noticed he had practically no patients...because she showed me where the files are...i asked how long he has been in practice and she said many years-plus they told me hes mostly a cash practice. Then he started to say-that he could examine me for free and give me an opinion to what my problems were...so basically I had an exam-and he told me i dont need to see my other doctors-all i need is a chiropracter and i would need to come see him for 8weeks/3x a week....he went on to ask if there were any reason why i couldnt do it..i said flat out-im a little taken aback here bc i came in here for a job and now all of a sudden im a patient..and i do not have the money to come like that...he then said-Oh id treat you for free...im thinking yea right....i walked out of there pissed off...and realized this guy doesnt need new employees-he basically is trying to drum up new patients and make money. This is exactly why there are many people who believe that chiropracters are frauds and 'quaks'...some are and some arent but nobody should give this guy the time of day. He thinks or trys to make you think he can cure anything. So stay away from Campbell chiropractic...
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-10-31:
The question about your health is pretty standard boiler-plate text found on most employment applications these days. Employers are trying to limit their exposure to workers comp claims, so knowing you have a history of back problems would usually automatically exclude you from a job loading trucks. The doctor seems a little weird, but perhaps he's just an outgoing guy - he did offer to treat you for free, so I don't know how you can claim he used the job posting as a way of soliciting new patients.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-11-01:
I agree the whole thing seems a bit wierd. I don't believe anything is really for free. Since you didn't say what your medical problems are I can't assume it's really back related either. I think you were smart to check out the surroundings and be leary of his practice. The guy could be a perv for all you know. I definately wouldn't stop seeing your regular doctors that treat you because a doctor on a job interview told you otherwise. Sounds like you can do alot better than this strange guy. Things don't add up to anything too ethical here. Good for you.
Posted by shnauzercrazy on 2006-11-04:
hello jorgen-heres the thing-i have a family member who is a lawyer-so i did question her about that-and labor law in nj...should have a restriction on health questions that you might have-since that job doesnt require anything strenuous...its a desk job-so he didnt have to know anything. no doctor would treat someone for 8weeks/3x a week for free...they are a doctor to make money. my health issues are not back related...so yea-not standard stuff here....lol

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