Adelphia Cable California Informative - Adelphia is the most incompetent company in the whole world!

Review by misssinista on 2006-11-04
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Let me tell you all about my story!!! I recently moved to colorado springs a month and a half ago. I called adelphia to set up service. they told me that they have a bundle available including digital cable with hbo, high speed internet, dvr for only $89.99. Decided to sign up for the service, but cancelled shortly because they wanted the money up front and I didnt have it yet. So when i could afford it i called them and they said that it shows that I am already hooked up. asked how that is possible if no tech came out. so she apologized and set up a date for the installation. I called back the next night to change the date to an earlier date and the tech had no knowledge of any install date. said that I had to call the local office and set it up. called the local office and she pulled up my info right away. set me up on the day i wanted and everything. everything was fine now, so I thought. The next day, the tech never showed up. called me and said he is late and cant come and to reschedule. set it up for that coming monday, this tech never showed up. called them and they said that there is no notes of a tech to come out. I was irate! Finally they decided to waive my install fee and give me a $20 credit. So finally the next day they came out and installed. I had a check ready and everything. they tech said there was no need for me to pay now because they screwed up so bad. It even stated on the reciept he gave us that we owe nothing yet. GREAT! I thought anyways... So we get our first bill and it is $40 more than it was to be, and the due date was oct 20th, they turned our service off on nov 1st. So i called and they claim that our account is past due 46 days. I asked how that can be when my bill says due date of oct 20th? they said i didnt pay the tech. I told them what the tech said, yet they didnt beleive me. also on the reciept the tech gave us stated "due to the customer calling five times to install cable because tech never came out, credit the account $20 dollars". I mentioned that to them, and they said the credit was denied by the corporate office. ON TOP OF THAT, they were charging me for each service seperately, not as a bundle.I was charged for the silver package, the internet, and the dvr seperately! they didnt believe me when I told them it was a bundle. They told me I had 8 days to pay my past due, and that they wouldnt credit my account. So I cancelled my service. the supervisor didnt even care or try to save me as a customer!!! I cannot bellieve what I have been thru, and that nobody notates the account there. I myself am a customer service rep for Tmobile, and they would fire my butt so fast if I treated a customer like that! I refuse to pay what I dont owe and am going to contact the corporate office until this is finished. Dont ever do business with adelphia guys!!!

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