Mrs. Shirley Robinson Complaint - Grievance of Wedding Reception Servers and Cake

Review by angelagraves76 on 2002-01-29
GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- My wedding coordinator, Ms. Tre'ane Taplin, has advised me that she has attempted to contact you on several occasions. She said she has left many messages for you to return her call, but you have neglected to do so. Although we have both tried to address our grievances with you without involving any outside parties, we have had no success. I apologize if you never received any of the messages that were left for you, but we need to address all of the issues at hand before too much time has passed for anything to be done to rectify them. This letter is to serve as a formal complaint for the service and cakes at my wedding. The service at my wedding reception on December 22, 2001 was beyond disgraceful. Twice, one of the servers, a young man who wore some type of rag on his head, was asked to bring food to a reserved table, and he literally rolled his eyes at the requestors. In addition, I, the bride, asked him to bring a cup of ice and plates of food for the wedding party, and he walked off, never returning. My wedding party and those sitting at the reserved tables had to actually get up and serve themselves. My wedding coordinator, who was not being paid to serve at the reception, had to take care of the wedding party table as well as the reserved tables. She was not able to rest for one minute while there. When we spoke, you said that you suggested one server for every 50 people. Well, there were only approximately 100 people at the reception, and I paid for 4 servers at $50 each, so the service should have been outstanding. In addition to the service being bad, you did not provide punch for the guest to drink, as was agreed upon in the contract. Therefore, the guest were forced to drink sodas, of which there is also a grievance. When you, my wedding coordinator, and I spoke 1 week before the wedding, you advised me to purchase sodas to be served to my guests, along with the punch that you were providing, because, and I quote, you said, "the punch will definitely run out by the end of the night, so you need something else to compliment it." I purchased Coke products to be served to my guests at no charge, and your bar was serving Pepsi products. Several of my guests approached me and told me that they were paying $1.00 for each can of the Coke products. At one point, my sister-in-law had to get drinks for six of us at the wedding party table, because your servers never came back over there. When she gave us the drinks, she told us not to worry about paying her back. I asked her what I would be paying her for, and she said, "for the sodas. They are $1.00 each." The sodas that she brought us were 7Ups, which are Coke products. Therefore, I would also like an explanation as to why people were being charged for drinks that I purchased and were supposed to be free to everyone at the reception. My biggest complaint, however, is about the cakes. I provided you with pictures of both the bride and groom cakes. You advised me that you could make the cakes exactly as they were in the pictures. However, when I arrived at the wedding, I realized that the cakes had very few resemblances to the cakes in the pictures. The groom's cake was absolutely nothing like the cake in the picture, with the most obvious difference being the lack of the chocolate covered strawberries that adorned the cake in the picture provided to you as a guide. The bride's cake also lacked the strawberries and live greenery that was also in the picture. I specifically stated in my letter to you, as well as when we met with my mother and wedding coordinator present, that I wanted my cakes exactly like those in the pictures. I asked you if you could do them, because if you couldn't have, I was going to find someone else to do the cakes. Actually, one of my friends had just gotten married, and I'd seen firsthand that her caterer could mimic the picture just as it was presented. If you had been honest with me and told me that you were unable to do the cakes, I would have gotten someone else to do them. My final complaint, one of which I was too tired to even make a big deal out of at the end of the reception, is about your servers taking food without asking for it. The head server had packed up food and a large portion of the cake for herself and the others without consulting with me first. I asked them if they could pack up the remaining food for my family to take home, and I was told that the boxes that the food came in had been thrown away. It wasn't until I pointed out to the head server that food had been packed up for the servers that any attempt was made to "find" boxes for my family to take the rest of the food home. I had to eventually leave for my honeymoon, but when I spoke with my uncle and mother, I found out that even still, all of the remaining food was not given to them. This was very disrespectful, and for that, I also issue a complaint.

To keep me from taking further steps towards a lawsuit, I would like the following:

I would like to have 15% - 20% of the total cost of the reception refunded to me.

I would like a response from your company regarding this incident within the next five business days outlining the steps that will be taken to remedy these circumstances. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-29:
Wow...this is outrageous! It seems that you have been MORE than patient. Your wedding should be a time when you are allowed to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about whether the reception hall staff is doing their job and delivering on what was promised. Shame on them for doing such a pathetic job. And the sheer NERVE of the staff taking your food and cake home!!! Who ever heard of such a thing! I hope they make good on what is rightly owed to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-29:
OH MY GOSH! You are only asking for a 15-20% refund!? I would be demanding at least a 50% refund. A wedding is already stressful enough. You should never have encountered such unprofessional service from this company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-09:
I agree with everything posted here, except for one thing: to my knowledge, 7-up is a pepsi product. Sprite is the coke product.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-18:
I would have asked for all of the money back. Talk about a crock of manuer. They definitely have a lot of issues, and I would get a lawyer. If they did it to you, more than likely they are doing it to other people as well. Find your contracts and get some legal assistance. Or, you can call the Tom Martino show. 1-866-966-help. He is a consumer advocate and would love to hear about this. He takes peoples calls and calls up the retailer and fights for you, FREE!!!! Call him, he will help. You can visit his website, at www.tommartino.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-13:
Quit whining!
Posted by josephrawlings on 2009-09-30:
What a horror story! I'm so sorry you had to go through that on your wedding day. Next time you have a party, try finding a service through http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/caterers.html. Hopefully this is the last time you'll ever have to deal with that.
Posted by Nancy Perkins on 2013-03-23:
I'm years late but often times "some" people don't understand the true nature of catering. If this bride indeed paid for "full" catering services, there are legitimate grievances. However, most people upon the initial quote, only pay for "catering" services and get mad after the fact. There is a difference between hiring catering services and full catering services. Learn them before an event to fully understand the nature of the business. I'm in the business and come across a lot of people who want my company "to cater" their event. After we go over everything, it quickly changes to "cater" the food. The latter only provides preparation and setup in most cases with other arrangements agreed upon by both parties. So my advice to you and anyone else is to research first and buy second.

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