Amoz-Lamb Construction Complaint - Deception and Corruption at the Lambs Construction, a.k.a. Amoz-Lamb Construction, a.k.a. Lamb Brothers Construction

Review by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2006-11-04
7567 STATE ROUTE 1529 E., WATER VALLEY, KY 42085, KENTUCKY -- Buyer B E W A R E !

The BBB of Kentucky tried for a month to contact Lambs Construction, but Lambs Construction wouldn't respond to them. So, it is now on the BBB's web site "Company failed to respond to the BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues". As well as an "UNSATISFACTORY".

I’ve noticed lately that this company can be found under different names such as Amoz-Lamb Construction, a.k.a. Lambs Construction, a.k.a. Lamb Brothers Construction and a.k.a. Lamb Bros Construction. BEWARE! Try all the names when doing a search.

Their official address as of right now appears to be:
Amoz-Lamb Construction (Lambs Construction)
7567 State Route 1529 E.
Water Valley, KY 42085

Amoz-Lamb construction (Lambs Construction) are constantly cutting corners. Their work is sub-standard. I have pictures to show their shoddy work...
I started a web site to give a more detail description (with pictures) of the on going deception at Lambs Construction.

The new web site as of December 10, 2007 is www.lambsconstruction.com

While I do not blame the workers, I do hold Amoz Lamb and Thomas Lamb responsible. They have not followed our signed contract nor have they come close to following prescribed building codes.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of construction, I have had to constantly call Amoz-Lamb Construction back to correct substandard construction practices (see pictures). Numerous times they would have to come back two and three times to provide a remedy for faulty construction. At times, I have found it easier just to finish a particular construction phase whether then get frustrated at the delays ensued.

One common dominator was always present - I could count on Amoz-Lamb to come up with a host of excuses as to why they did it this way and that way! The bottom line was that our contract stated certain construction requirements that were totally ignored!

We are finally at the last stage of construction and I can no longer get Amoz-Lamb to return my phone calls or e-mail messages or answer my mail as required per the contract/agreement. They won't finish the project and therefore are breaching the written contract. So much for contracts………….

I am now in the process of finding a solution to this dilemma…..

In the meanwhile I wanted to alert others to my experience with Amoz-Lamb Construction (Lambs Construction).
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Posted by Skye on 2006-11-05:
You should also post this on the ripoff report website. Here is the link http://www.ripoffreport.com/
Posted by Skye on 2006-11-05:
What a shame this happened to you. Did you contact your states District Attorney?? These people need to be dealt with by the law.
Posted by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2006-11-06:
Hi and thanks,

I did report and is on ripoffreport.com (Amoz-Lamb Construction). This was done before I started my web site: http://www.intergate.com/~newbee2006/

I've also reported them to the BBB of KY under "Lambs Construction" and now (after a month) it shows the company "not responding".

Am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I involve the state and so on. The proof am gathering will make for a easier conviction.
Posted by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2006-11-30:
Amoz-Lamb Construction , Lambs Construction as of today now has a third company name...... It's now " Lambs Bros Construction " and yes, it's at the same address.

This company is so corrupt that they won’t even respond to the Better Business Bureau of Kentucky!
I now need to inform the BBB of KY of their newest name.
Posted by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2006-11-30:
" Lambs Bros Construction "
Posted by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2007-03-30:
I've changed the web site address to http://www.newbee2006.info/
Posted by Victim of Lambs Construction on 2007-12-10:
There's been an update to the old web address newbee2006.info, it's now www.lambsconstruction.com
This web site will keep unaware consumers informed of the corruption at the Lamb Brothers Construction company.
Posted by PamMike on 2008-02-21:
Hello Victim,

Did you file your report with the state?
Did you send the company numerous certified letters informing them of the issues?
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