Google Adword Complaint - Pay Per Click Prices ... trying to survive

Review by Kelcie on 2006-11-06
TENNESSEE -- Google just sent me an email suggesting that I increase my daily limit from $7 to $23.00 (from $210.00 to $690.00 per month!!! for ADVERTISING!!!I have a small online Silver Jewelry Store and even though I do everything myself, the adword program already eats all of my profit. Obviously they have forgoten what it is to own a SMALL business. I know that this is not in their "financial" best interest, but if they could make it a little more affordable for us "little" people, we could make a little more money and in return, be able to afford increasing our limit. But as I already know, Google will continue to increase prices to up Their profit until a new service comes along with a better idea, is more efficient and reasonably priced. Until then, $7.00 is all I can afford.
Thank You
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Posted by S on 2006-11-06:
I believe Google is simply recommending that you could be receiving more clicks if you upped your spending limit. By no means do you have to do it. I would simply ignore the e-mail if you are happy with your budget as it is.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-11-06:
AdWords is a pay per click forum, where the price is established by competative BIDDING. If it's too expensive for you, lower you bids and don't try and top those businesses who choose to pay for a higher ranking for the same keywords. Try more targeted keywords where they will be less expensive for high ranking. On the other hand, they will generate less clicks. First, I would review the whole program again. I don't believe you understand what exactly you are paying for. Google does not set the prices, you and your competators do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-06:
I'd review the process and try different targeted keywords.
Posted by Joe Smith on 2006-11-07:
Google are not raising their prices, merely suggesting you increase your bid to obtain more clicks.
I suggest you do some research before shooting your mouth off on the internet.
Posted by Kelcie on 2006-11-13:
...before shooting off my mouth??? Consumer complaints and request for information is probably the ONLY right we have left in this Country... how much exactly was your comment worth?? as mine what about 3 cents...Please respect other members when posting your message. Thanks!
Posted by D. on 2006-11-19:
Kelcie, would you benefit better by selling your Jewelry on Ebay? I have done quite well on Ebay and never had a problem for about the 6 years or so that I've been buying and selling with them. You might want to check that out...they already have a high rate of traffic...good luck to the small business owners!
Posted by Kelcie on 2006-11-20:
I do sell on Ebay...and that's another "book" LOL. Actually, I took everyones advise and researched the Web marketing process and found many...I mean thousands of tips to maximize my webstore exposure without it costing and arm and a leg, and i'm already seeing an increase in visits to my store. Just for the record, my complaint was about the high cost and not the overall service of google....I now understand that the "advertizers" and not the provider is responsible for the rising cost. Thank you for your help.
Posted by john_miller_ny on 2010-10-09:
Google can easily rip you off if you're not careful. I lost thousands on AdWords before when I didn't realize my budget was set too high. I use PocketCents now. At least I know exactly how many clicks I will get when I put money in my account and not have to worry about my credit card being charged unexpectedly.

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