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Review by missmeganbunny on 2006-11-07
GLEN ROCK, PENNSYLVANIA -- My father had told me that he took his cars to this place, mainly because the owner seemed friendly with him. My husband and I took our cars there a total of three times. The first time, I had a pretty simple problem and the owner tried to tell me it was very serious and needed a very expensive part. I took it for a second opinion, and it turned out to be a very minor problem that was able to be completely fixed for under $50. I figured it was a mistake or a fluke, and the guy was really convenient to my house, so I had my husband go there when HIS car started acting up. This time, the owner didn't even want to LOOK at it, and he told my husband it was a major problem undoubtedly based on the "symptoms" my husband reported, and that it would be about $400 at the very least. My husband was upset, took it to another place (not even the same place I took mine for a second opinion) and it ended up being that one spark plug needed changed. That was it. Costed about $20. The third and final time, my car was acting crazy, with all kinds of strange electrical flickerings. He took my car and of course right away told me it would be very expensive. I got defensive and asked him to explain to me what exactly was wrong... and he clearly didn't seem to have an explanation. He backed down a little, and after I called every day for a week, he finally said he had figured out the problem and it was fixed. He left the key with one of the mechanics and he left right before I was to pick it up. I got there and went to turn on my car, only to find that the problem had become far more severe. I tried to drive it home and it shut off several times. It was leaking black fluids (presumably oil) rapidly, and it had a big dent above the back right tire. I was so angry, I decided to never go there again.

Ironically, I witnessed (in my several times of being there in the waiting area) a couple of very upset customers. One man actually had WALKED several miles from his home because he had no car and was promised that it would be done that day at a specific time. He walked all the way in the cold just to find out that the owner had left for the day and that none of the mechanics knew that it was supposed to be ready for him. They hadn't even started working on it. The poor guy begged my husband for a ride up the street to his home. He was LIVID. There were always really pissed off customers in that shop and the owner was always very shady. He didn't explain anything that he was doing to people's cars and why they were being charged such outlandish amounts of money, and from myself and the customers that I witnessed, it seems like he never really fixed problems.

I'd recommend that you never, ever go there unless you're in the mood to waste money.

Oh, and we overheard them making racist comments too which definitely sealed my decision to never go back.
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Posted by Skye on 2006-11-07:
You are a glutton for punishment for allowing them to probably sabotage your car.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-11-07:
You went back there 3 times?! WTF is da matter with you?! Its your own damn fault for letting this shadetree mechanic do this to you. Take responsibility for your stupidity and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
Posted by Skye on 2006-11-08:
And she calls some of us ummm, Paris Hiltons....

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