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Review by trinaed on 2006-11-08
BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I honestly thought in this day and age that dealerships were done taking advantage of women, wrong. I took my Honda in for it's 45,000 mile service to Honda Bloomfield in Bloomfield, MI yesterday. I also asked them to look at my front end as it shakes b/t 40-50 miles per hour and reminded them that they have already done 2 alignments recently. They called to let me know they found the problem that was causing the shaking: I needed new tires, the belts were broken
in all of them. I was a bit surprised that all the belts were broken seeing as I just purchased one new tire last summer, and I purchased another new tire and rim last year. When I mentioned this to the service rep she said "oh I see here
on the computer where we did replace a tire last year, no that one is ok you only need three tires now". I again mentioned that I just purchased a tire this past summer and that I did not purchase that one from them, she stuck to her
theory that that one is bad also and that I need
3 new tires. I asked if there was a problem with these tires in general, she said no. I then inquired about the tires for life program they had going on when I purchased the vehicle. I was told when I purchased the van that all I had to do
is make sure I had my tires rotated every 5000 miles, I did...I paid to have my tire rotated nine times. Well come to find out I also need them to do the maintenance service every 5000 miles along with the tire rotation to qualify for that program. They got me, I was upset about that one and feeling pretty stupid
for having paid to have my tires rotated nine times ($207.00). The service rep also said I need new brakes front and back (front 85% worn, back 75% worn) I figured I better run this by my husband as the bill was going well over $1000.00. My husband got a kick out of the fact I paid to have my tires rotated
nine times ( I then reminded him indirectly he paid also, now I had his attention) He also could not understand the broken bel
ts in the tires as we have a fleet of 13 vehicles for our business and this has never happened before. We decided to pick up the van and take care of the brakes and tires on our own, I figured I've given them enough money. So straight to Warehouse Tire in
Waterford we go. I walked in told them I needed 3 new tires because all the belts were broken and that this would take care of the front end problems, He asked me how I knew all the belts were broken in the tires I told him what Honda Bloomfield had told me. He than removed all the tires off my van, inspected,
balanced and reinstalled...he also checked out my brakes. Guess what? There were no broken belts on any of the tires, my brakes were at 50% life and my front end did not shake anymore b/t 40-50 miles per hour. Warehouse tire did not charge me one penny, all he asked is that when I do need new tires I come
and see him (he figured next summer). We then headed straight back to Honda Bloomfield in route I called and spoke to the service manager, Andy Haas. I told him what had just taken place at warehouse tire and told him we would be there to see him in person. He was waiting for me when I pulled in, I introduced myself and my husband and shook his hand. He put the van on the lift, inspected the tires he could only find one tire that he felt had a deviation of tread (what's that)?
He than proceed to ask us what we wanted him to do and explained that people make mistakes, and said they did not put new tires on the van so what harm was done? I told him harm was done, that I wanted to be able trust in the dealership I purchased my car from and have had them service all along, I told him I do not expect or deserve mistakes to be made at my expense. He than responded again that they did not put tires on, my husband then interrupted saying the only reason the tires were not put on is because she came to me
first, had she not consulted me she would have had them put on. I told Andy I would be doing some research on this "Deviation of Tread" he than remarked "why so you can
call me tomorrow and yell at me if I'm wrong". On that note we left. Rather shocked by his closing comment my husband asked if he raised his voice while we were there, I reassured him he didn't. Not once did either my husband or I raise our
voice during the entire exchange.I did research the deviation of tread: Occurs when vehicle is misaligned, tires are out of balance or low tire pressure. I honestly believe I was taken
advantage of by this dealership because I am a woman and lack the knowledge of automobile repair. I want women to beware of Honda Bloomfield.

Trina Eddy
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-08:
This doesn't surprise us.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-11-08:
I am curious however, what did you expect him to do while you were there? Fire someone?
Posted by heaven17 on 2006-11-08:
I find your sexist attitude a bit offensive. There are many women in this world who know all about vehicles and how they work just as there are many men in this world who don't have a clue. They ripped you off, fair enough. But because you're a woman? I'm thinkin' not so much.
Posted by GWbiker on 2006-11-08:
News flash: Dealership service reps are on commission and will attempt to oversell parts and labor. So, you don't go to that Honda dealership anymore. And you and your husband found, in your opinion, an honest Tire shop who wants your business. Now quit your whining and move on.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-11-08:
Write the Honda corporation and raise hell with the BBB on this. Make life outright miserable for that dealership.
Posted by trinaed on 2006-11-09:
Thank you to all that have replied. On the record I am not some helpless whining woman. I served four year in the US Army, drove heavy equipment, set up forward refilling sites for aviation battalions. Then I worked for ten years at a lumber company, for the past six years I have been running a retail nursery and landscaping business. I can clearly recognize when someone is being taking advantage of when then are less knowledgeable, man or woman. But if I can save one woman from feeling taken advantage of as I was, it is worth taking a stand.
Posted by bPoz on 2006-12-11:
...as for the sales office at Bloomfield Honda, avoid the jerk with an attitude -- Jeff Bushar. He needs some training in how to address customers!
Posted by JRUMICH on 2007-06-08:
The salesman I had at this dealership was the rudest and most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately for me, I placed a deposit because I THOUGHT they gave me a good price. Since then, they did not return my calls concerning financing or my request for a VIN number. This level of customer service is unacceptable; I withdrew my deposit and bought a car from Tamaroff Honda. Avoid this place at all costs.
Posted by abogada on 2007-09-03:
I just had a very bad experience with Honda Bloomfield as well. I have a 2006 Honda Civic with approximately 24,000 miles on it. The brakes wore out -- on the left front side only. I learned this from my own mechanic, who told me to take it back to the dealership for repair, since the problem was caused by a sticking caliper, which should be a warranty item. Honda Bloomfield denied any responsibility AT ALL. According to them, it is perfectly normal to have the brake pads wear at twice the rate on once side versus the other (I have the pads), and apparently, it is also acceptable to have brake failure generally at 24,000 miles! I pursued the matter with "Customer Care" -- that was also a worthless endeavor. They said they would "assist me" with the cost of parts ($65 on a $160 bill), but only for good will purposes -- not because they were admitting any responsibility. However, because I told the representative that I intended to make a complaint with the Attorney General because they were not honoring their warranty, she withdrew her office of "assistance." Apparently, I needed to promise them that I would be "completely satisified" in order to receive the $65 credit.

I did take the car back to my own mechanic for inspection following Honda Bloomfield's work. I was advised that they did not lubricate the edges of the pads, which means the brakes will wear out faster, and they barely lubricated a caliper pin (which the mechanic believes was improperly lubricated at the factory, causing the abnormal wearing).
Posted by frizzie on 2012-05-23:
I love the service department at Honda Bloofield. Andy is the best! plus free massages on Tuesday. My purchase of my civic was quick and pleasant! Guess it all depends on your expectations as a customer.. I give the 2 thumbs up!!

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