The College Partnership Informative - Do you really need coaching?

Review by Vera on 2006-11-12
On 02/02/2003 I signed the agreement and paid $1295 for their program. After three years I am completely sure that it was not at all necessary to spend so much money for something that we were able to do by ourselves for no cost at all. They are responsible for persuading people into something they do not really need.

I will explain what I mean. We didn’t use their service because there was not need in this. Every time my son had to make a step, his school was here for him to help. They provided him with information, training and coaching for ACT. They helped him with applications for colleges and he was accepted everywhere where he applied. He received all possible information about financial aid from colleges.

When we signed the agreement, we were told that a coach was supposed to call us in several days after transaction of money. No one called us first. My son called the program couple of times, but really, he didn’t have actual need for help, so, there was hardly any taste for calling coaches.
The test-prep software for PSAT, SAT and ACT didn’t work properly, though we had an updated computer. Also this software was mostly for SAT, but my son needed to complete only ACT for colleges of his choice.

When I became completely sure that my money was wasted, I contacted the program via E-mail "info@collegepartnership.com" to negotiate possible refund. I talked to several people, one of them was somehow cynical to my mind, because he compared the program with gym services. You pay for gym and it is up to you if you use facilities or not. I can hardly agree with this comparison, as teaches are not lifeless training equipment.
Teaches are supposed to have pride and responsibility for services they suggest to provide.

If I hire a private teacher and pay him money, I am not supposed to ask him what to do and how to coach me. If I hire anyone to do some work for me, I am not supposed to tread on his heels. When I tried to explain it to their representative, he suggested that we should talk through attorneys. Well, it would be another waste of money. So, that time we decided to try to utilize the program again. And again it didn’t help much. All what my son was able to get was a short coaching in prep for writing test in SAT (though, again, he was interested in ACT). Their representative sent me evaluation of financial help questionnaire, but I didn’t send it in because exactly at that time I received the same help from one the colleges where my son applied (completely free of charge help).

I decided to write to them again, trying to get back at least some money spent in vain for something I didn’t utilize because there was no practical need in this. I e-mailed them to this address "info@collegepartnership.com" several times, but got no answers. Of course, I can't serve as a "success story". But I have complete right to express my opinion, as well as to hope that they have responsibilities for what they do or not do. I don't want to say that my experience is common. I suppose, there might be people who were happy with their services. My aim is to warn other peolpe like me- don't fall for beautiful promices before you are sure you really need all this help. It costs too much money for just trying...
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-11-13
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-11-13:
this just sounds like a service that prays on first time college students/parents. its sad that you wasted so much time and money with this. hopefully, your son is doing well enough without it. good luck~
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-13:
Thanks for the information, sorry you lost your money. My son is a junior in hs and we are bombarded with offers for this stuff daily. We will stay away from these guys for sure.

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