Jennair Appliances Complaint - Jenn-air French Door Refridgerator

Review by conric on 2006-11-13
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- We have owned the Stainless Steel Jenn-air French door refridgerator for approx 14 months, just two months longer than the 12 month warrantee. The unit is pretty good, more handsome than efficient, but it just died one day. It didn't die so much as stopped cooling and began heating causing quite a flood and ruining nearly everything, even the frozen stuff . We bought it from a reputable local dealer but who could not schedule a certified repairman for nearly a week. We called many from the yellow pages only to learn that they too were busy or could not get the parts. Long story short, a week later the repairman declared that it was not the compressor, but the heat exchange unit( or something like that). only a $90 part plus labor but would take a week. Tomorrow,the part and the repairman are scheduled to come in and hopefully replace and repair the fridge so that , after 17 ( SEVENTEEN!!!)days we can stop traipsing to the garage for every glass of milk. So IF you are thinking of buying this beauty, make sure you put/have your old unit in the garage as a back-up...unless you think you can go a couple weeks with no fridge. Jennair products are off my list, primariliy for the difficulty in getting serviced within a reasonable timeframe.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-11-14:
You problem was with your dealer, not Jenn-Air (outside of the box failing, which BTW, this is a version of the popular and also complained about Maytag French door 20cf bottom freezer) Not that your dealer was at fault for bad business practices, it simply sounds like they were strictly sales and have to source their warranty service. A store that has its own technicians on staff and are authorized to do warranty work on the products they sell can make all the difference if something goes wrong. Next day service if the bad part(s) are in stock is common. Next time you are in the market, make sure you check your area for these type of retailers and include them when you shop around.
Posted by rcind on 2008-04-28:
I am having the same bad experience. I bought the Jennair side by side in August, 2001 when it was about $2,000. It did not work when it was delivered. The very reputable dealer refused to exchange it. He said I must deal with the service center. After several visits and approximately eight weeks or longer, the refrigerator would cool if the dial was set within a notch or two of the highest. (It took so long to get operable, consumer relations offered to send $100 for me to purchase a small refrigerator, but since I am very dumb, I refused). The refrigerator never functioned properly, but I coped by keeping it full and keeping milk cartons half full in the freezer (as recommended in the manual). (Think about a manual that recommends that you keep milk cartons half full in the freezer). Now, six years later, the refrigerator blows only warm air. All frozen items were lost. A serviceman can be scheduled in three days. He will diagnose the refrigerator and order a part. Parts take seven to ten days. Another serviceman told me today that a capacitator and relay are required before the compressor can be checked. Policy does not allow the approved diagnostician to bring the parts with him for the first visit. So, it will take at least ten to fourteen days to diagnose the refrigerator. If a new compressor is required, it will take another 10 to fourteen days. When I asked the service center what I was supposed to do without a refrigerator for a month, he suggested I buy some coolers and bags of ice. In anticipation that the compressor is bad, I talked to consumer relations who said there was no financial relief because the warranty on the compressor was only five years and I waited too long. Of course, if I had complained during the five years, Jennair would have told me that the compressor works because the refrigerator cools, you just have to keep the thermostat higher. In sum, I was doomed from the day I bought the Jennair and I rue it. I do not remember feeling more bitter or "ripped" off than the experience with this Jennair refrigerator.

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