Cellular One of San Luis Obispo Complaint - Celular One of san Luis Obispo ripped me off beware

Review by Jim on 2006-11-14
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- I want to pass the word around about an issue with Cellular One San Luis Obispo did to me back in the year 2000.

Cellular One of San Luis Obispo
733 Marsh Street
San Luis Obispo California 93401

Phone Number: 805-543-0100

I was a customer for about 5 years, I give them plenty of money and there was always an error in the billing. I had to often call them so many times to eliminate errors which if I didn't I would be paying for something for nothing. They had and still do till this day a small coverage area. They have absurd contracts that they want 2 year contracts with no adjustments but a $400.00 termination fee, even if the contact was on it's last month to expire they will ask full the fee. Total rip-off! They charged me $400.00 to terminate them for horrible service, no what how bad they were, noop, they just want your $400.00

One issue that cost me a lot of money that still bothers me today which I am postong this to this report to inform everybody not to use Cellular One of San Luis Obispo was their long distance fees.

Back in early 2000, I had to make calls to Simi Valley California because my girlfriend lived there and I live in San Luis Obispo, we had the same (805) area codes and the distance we were was about 125 miles. Well calling her, Cellular One changed me $.35 cents a minute for long distance fees during the daytime (not airtime minutes) and at night they chargesd me $.18 a minute (not airtime again either) to call my girlfriend in a 805 area code. Imagine paying this fo long distance, I wasn't calling India or France or anything overseas but in the same area code, rip-off!

My bill came to about $1950.00 dollars in long distance changes alone. I complained and complained but Cellular One of San Luis Obispo did not care, they wanted their money. They were using AT&T as their long distance carrier and they told me if you want to get a better rate, get a phone card. That is ridiculous that a cellular company with the coverage area charging so much especially in the same area code. Even though most cellular companies have gone unlimited long distance by now, the point is even back in 2000, this was completely absurd. I should of never have paid that and even when I contacted and filed complaints with the Federal Communication Commission, Cellular One's customer service would just not give a hoot that this was an over charged account. They didn't care and they just wanted their money and bsing with the FCC.

They used a collection agency also called Medico-Dental Adjustment Bureau as these guys didn't care either. They wanted top dollar for their fees as their lawyer was asking way way too much also for this issue. I did not want to pay Cellular One a dime as I wrote to them and they did not want to settle the matter as everyone was telling me I was paying was too much to fight Cellular One of San Luis Obispo. As bad as this thing was, I paid Cellular One about $1800.00 as the settlment was nothing. They forced me to pay them $600.00 a month which was totally absurd.

Well people I want to pass my story around to inform people please BEWARE of Cellular One of San Luis Obispo. They have not expanded either because the have done bad business with people ever since they open their doors as a cell phone company.

I have had an unlimited minute and unlimited feature now for the past few years that even today Cellular One of San Luis Obispo could not compete with this.

Please don't do business with this company.

When choosing a company, only do business with nation wide coverage, unlimited minute plans (not just mobile to mobile but completely unlimited minutes) with all long distance fees covered. Don't sign any contract unless you have a lawyer or viewed any problems about the company online. People are blogging infomation now and you need to research complaints if there is complaints out there to read about. I am only helping people save their money then crooks like Cellular One of San Luis Obispo.

Santa Maria, California

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