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Review by Anonymous on 2002-01-30
I am so disappointed in Prime Movers' service. We paid $2000 for them to move furniture from Denver to Washington, D.C.. Nearly a month later we are still waiting for the delivery--in a nice, empty apartment. And when I call the Operations Department, all I get are people who barely speak English, are rude, insensitive, and unaccomodating. And there is nothing we can do...it is 14 BUSINESS days from pick-up to delivery plus a grace period of one day per 500 miles they travel until it's officially considered late.
They are the wardens and we're merely their prisoners--at the mercy of people who can barely speak the language of our country and who don't see anything wrong with bad customer service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-18:
One of the things that really irritates me is when someone complains about dealing with people who can barely speak the language. Many recent immigrants, as well as those who have been here for decades, simply cannot help having a heavy accent. They should not be condemned for this any more than someone who has a Brooklyn or Boston accent.

I have many friends who have come from other countries, who have studied hard to become citizens of ours. I know because I have helped some of them. I can tell you that, whether Bosnian, Australian or Chinese, they are as warm, generous and as hard working as many of the people who were born right here. Above all, they love the United States and are happy to take part in what makes this country great. They study our language and struggle to have a thorough understanding of it but that doesn't happen overnight. I remind you that English is a complicated language. I have witnessed the desire newcomers can have in wanting to know all of its nuances and many learn quickly. However, for most of them, their accents will never go away; its simply how our brains work.

Because someone has a heavy accent does not mean they are stupid. You will do well to keep that in mind. If you think that those who are born here are somehow superior to those "who cannot speak the language", how about those who cannot write it? Go to the other consumer website whose initials are PF and read some of the letters there. You will quickly find that many contain myriad grammatical mistakes and some are nearly incoherent. Who wrote them? Americans! What does that say about us, my dear friend!

Now that you are living in such an international city as Washington, D.C., you probably encounter people with accents every day. Why, if you listen closely, you'll find our own president has one.

If you decide they are not worth your time, you are missing out on getting to know some very wonderful people. The loss is yours, my friend.

Now, to address your complaint about your furniture. It's high time you contacted your attorney general. Good luck in getting things settled soon!

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