The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo Informative - The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties rip-off, dishonest agency

Review by Jim on 2006-12-02
GROVER BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of "The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties" . . . Pure rip off, dishonest collection agency…

This company is set out to ruin people's credit reports besides collecting for their clients, even if the collection is a fraud issue, they still try to collect from people.

They send out false collection statements and lie in court on serving papers to wrong address's. They have misleading lawyers who don't care to mediate but seek rip-off fees for legal services.

What they do is collect and hope for litigation that you don't respond or if you never responded even if you have a different address, they seek full payments on top of their clients requested amount. Meaning if you have a $320.00 bill, they notify you at a different address, they give you 60 days, you don't respond, they take litigation and pursue full collection fees on their part and add 50% or greater to the original amount.

They have inter personal skills to act sharks over the phone and they love to call back and start a harassment campaign. If you have an issue with them, tell them you are monitoring their calls and if you have a debt, go to merchant where the debt came from even if you have an issue with that company, report to them how bad The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties was with you, tell them you don’t trust them. If you owe something, make a small payment and dispute the debt but not with The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties, only with the merchant but please dispute your debt with the merchant. All The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties wants is their commission, they will do anything for money in their pockets.

They use your credit report as a weapon and they will mention your credit report in the conversion. Beware of them threatening you about your credit report and what they will do with it. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission and also on the do not call list with the Federal Communication Commission.

If The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties has your account, make payments to the merchant instead, however if there is a settlement offer, get it in writing and if you pay, pay with a money order and sent it certified mail only. Giving your Visa number or check number over the phone, they can take more than disputed out of it. Don’t trust The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties as these people are very hard to deal with. They want your banking routing number, this is a trap, beware of this method. Also your home address, they will use tactics to get their money, so always use a PO Box and money order, with all collection agencies and always certify your mail when sending your money. You need to document everything; these people will call people searching for money or your location information. If you write to them, do expect any written correspondence, they do not write back. They do not tell you their polices either, they will tell you, you have no business knowing about their policy's is what your hear from them. The more you ask the ruder they get with you.

I found this collection agency on the bad customer service list and reports about them online. If you have an issue with this company please notify the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. They use bad business practices and no one should have to deal with agencies like this.

They do not listen to the people they collect from, even there is enough information their client is wrong, they want they 40% commission or more.

They also lie to credit reporting agencies and provide false information on your credit report, they do this to harass you and they will not settle.

You deal with “Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties”; you have to deal with a crooked collection agency. Beware who you write to, to complain about this collection agency because they will misinform them that your wrong and they have a reason to collect regardless of the dispute with they're client, even if they're client requests to pull the account off the record, they want their share regardless.

Beware if you file a report with the American Collectors Association Inc, they will lie to them on a response if you file a complaint, so please make it on your list that they need to be informed to other agencies in State and Federal government about this crooked collection agency.

These are other agencies they are apart of:

Consumer Data Industry Association (formerly: Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc)
Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce
Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce
Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce

Santa Maria, California
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Posted by D. on 2006-12-02:
You need to also report them to your State's Attorney General...You can use a PO Box if you want, however, your home address will still be on the credit report...the CBR ususally has a history of your address' on it and your phone number...when we were allowed to pull credit reports (before the privacy law was passed)in skip tracing, we didn't use it for account history but for current address' and current phone number...we used to also be allowed to contact the other creditors on the CBR and get current location information from them for the same service in return if they needed info on any of their customers...but again, since they passed that privacy law, creditors can not exchange that info with each other anymore.
Posted by AlexJB on 2006-12-12:
i can't help but notice that you used a lot of the same phrases to describe these guys as to describe Grant & Weber, another collection agency. and yet, most of what you're going on about is kind of abstract and advice-oriented instead of describing a poor experience directly with them. there's no indication of whether or not they had a legitimate claim, or if they did something specifically illegal or unethical.
Posted by Jim on 2007-01-05:
Different company, not sure who they are.
Posted by Jim on 2007-02-28:
The people from San Luis Obispo Credit Bureau are really rude, if you have a problem, please report the matters in about this agency to the State Attorney General.

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