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Review by Sandymouse on 2006-12-06
HINESVILLE,, GEORGIA -- Poor service, poor customer relations, four attempts for deliveries and still nothing gets done correctly. First was an order for yellow roses...they came white. Resent but card was the wrong one(addressed to someone else). Third time asked for a dozen red roses... received 10. The final straw was when We went to use the store credit they had given us plus some extra money for a funeral wreath. It never arrived. Stacy's said it was sent, the receiving shop said it was never received. All they offered to do was sent an arrangement to the home. Not good enough. We will never use them again.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2006-12-06:
Sandy, I've got a question. I realize the funeral wreath was for out of town but were the other orders placed with Stacey's for local or out of town deliveries?

The reason I'm asking is that I learned many years ago that one could place an order with a local florist for out of town delivery but the local florist had no control over what was actually sent by the receiving florist. The order was properly placed, but the receiving florist disregarded the order and sent what was in stock sometimes getting rid of old stock assuming the sender would never know.

A number of years ago I sent an arrangement to a family member in the hospital and the next day drove the six hours to visit. I was embarrassed by the arrangement with my name attached. My local florist had placed the correct order and the receiving florist decided he would send whatever.

I now personally place the order with the florist in the town I'm sending flowers. You'd be amazed at the compliments I've received from the receipents. Nothing like big brother looking over your shoulder to get the receiving florist to send what was ordered.
Posted by yoke on 2006-12-07:
When my husbands grandmother died we ordered an arrangement before we left CT (we were going to CA). I guess the florist who was going to deliver didn't count on us being at the funeral. We were shocked to see what was delivered. We called the florist who delivered it (again they did not realize we had seen the flowers) and told them it was not what we ordered they insisted it was. We took the flowers after the funeral and brought them to the florist who delivered them. Boy were they suprised to see us. We ended up getting all of our money back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-07:
Sandy; next time try Cherry Moon(they are on the internet). I have used them a lot and they are very good.
Posted by Sandymouse on 2006-12-08:
Thanks for the feed-back. The first three attempts were all local(and this is a small town) only the funeral wreath was long distance, but we were in attendance at the service. When we returned and complained, the store said they would reimburse us for the cost of the flowers. That was three weeks ago and we haven't seen the credit yet. What a deceptive business practice! They got their money up front, did not provide what was paid for, and still will not return our money. What a rip off!!! Sandy

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