Flower Month Clubs Complaint - Avoid Flower Month Club, Great Gift Clubs, Plant Month Club: Subdivisions of Gift Specialists Inc

Review by pseudo on 2006-12-07
I am severely dissapointed in this business. In the end it cost me, as they would not refund anywhere near the total amt I paid, and I ended up with no gift delivered. Out of ~$65, they refunded less than 1/5th of the total. I would advise anyone against giving this company your money.

www.GiftSpecialistsInc.com operates under several other names:

The Wine Gift Club - www.WineGiftClub.com
Beer on the Wall - www.BeerOnTheWall.com
Seasonal Flowers - www.FlowerMonthClubs.com
Growing Gardens - www.PlantMonthClub.com
Great Gift Clubs - www.greatgiftclubs.com
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-12-07:
We get that you don't like these companies, but what exactly happened to make you not them? Details are appopriate and appreciated!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-07:
Come on Pseudo, give us the Genesis of your gripes with these companies. Until then I may give them a try. Especiallly the Wine and Beer ones.
Posted by pseudo on 2006-12-07:
Well, the beer one *is* the one I tried, so I recommend against it. Either way, you deal w/ all the same people it's all the same company. It's a LONG, convoluted story, and it involves UPS as well, but in short: we have a lazy UPS driver, who decided that the gift recipient did not live there (not true) and he has returned things or made up situations to avoid having to deliver the packages. We've made several complaints & UPS knows all about this driver. They sent the gift back, charged a return fee & the company decided to charge me too. The shipping ended up being 3 x's more than the item itself. In the end it'd been over a month, there was no gift delivered, it was all a big waste of time that cost me about $53. I hope that summarizes it a bit better. Oh, and I'll be using this site to write a review about UPS's *stellar* attention to the complaints about this driver.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-07:
Aha, so UPS had a hand in this as well.
Posted by pseudo on 2006-12-07:
So just to clarify, UPS themselves did not charge me, they charged Gift Specialists Inc, who then charged me that fee, and then charged me extra on top. This is why I'm unhappy w/ them. I feel they could have cared a bit more about not ripping off a customer... they wanted to resend it out for another shipping fee, I asked them to cancel the whole transaction, and I got $12 back. Either give them EVEN MORE money and maybe get the gift the 2nd time around, or cut my losses and cancel. Either way it was a win/win for them.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-12-08:
Sounds like your main beef is with UPS.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-08:
I agree with spiderman2, sure sounds like UPS was a major player in this saga.

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