Jones Honda Informative - Rip off 60,000 miles services and bad car problems

Review by julia.phan on 2002-02-06
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased the Honda Accord EX 98 in March of 1998 from Jones Honda at 1335 Manheim Pike, in Lancaster, PA.

I took my car in for 60,000 miles services back in 10/19/01, did not know anything about the charge that out of the 60,000 mile package ($197.50). They did not let me know the quote for any repairing but go ahead to fix them. They charged me for the 60,000 miles service at $197.50 (this include R&B tire & check pressures, inspect brake systems and record specs, adjust Emergency brake, Check lights, inspect steering, suspension, exhaust, driveshaft boots, Flush cooling system, Replace Brake Fluid, BG Trans Flush, Replace manual Trans Oil, Engine Tune Up, Adjust Valves, Service battery, Install Gas/Oil Treatments, Alignment, antifreeze Good at -40F).

They were also replaced 4 spark plugs for $19.68, Rotor Head for $23.58, Cap Assembly for $28.35, Gasket for $13.96, 1 (FP Number) 30A (don't even know what this is) for $39.95, changed 10 (quantity) of AT Fluid for $35.00, BRAKE Fluid for $6.00, 1 Antifreeze for $11.40, and Wheel alignment for $50.00.

The problem of this invoice # HOCS406106 are the wheel alignment, 30A (FP Number) which I don't even know what this is, Fluid changes (brake and automatic transmission Fluid, Oil& Filter change (done prior to this, should be taken out from the $197.50 charge), and Antifreeze should not be charge to me in addition to the $197.50 (60,000 miles service deal).

The reason I cannot complaint to the dealer directly because I picked up my car at the end of the day and had to pick up the car and pay the invoice from the Jones Pontiac dealer (since Jones Honda was closed). When I know the price I have to pay, I was so upset but needed the car to go up in Pocono the next day, so I really did not find way to complaint.

It took me a while to complaint since I don't know how to. My friend told me today (I know this is 4 months past but have to do it anyway) that I can complaint to you via this way, therefore, I am writing this complaint letter to the Jones Honda dealership. My experience that I have with the Jones Honda is so frustrating.

Everytime I brough my car in for something, I always end up with ridiculous charge, but this time is so unrealistic that they did not inform us of any work and price.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-06:
Another complaint headed for the garbage pail. Your complaint letter is FILLED with grammatical errors. It was difficult to piece together your thoughts and what the true problems were. Take the time to write a grammatically correct, thoughtful letter that clearly explains your trouble(s). I'd be surprised if Honda even bothered to respond to such a poorly written letter.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-07:
Bad letter. The "enter" key is your friend. It is used to make paragraphs. Watch me...

Oo, I just used it.

Look, I did it again!

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