Lostmyphone.com Complaint - Poor customer service and misleading website

Review by Poor service magnet on 2006-12-08
I recently ordered a phone from "lostmyphone.com" as a gift for my wife. She has a good phone plan and did not want to tangle with the phone company when buying a new one. Her old phone is wearing out. Lostmyphone.com sells unlocked phones that can be used anywhere. You just need to swap the sim card.

They messed up so many times this story could go on. here's a list of their mistakes and problems;
-delayed my order twice because my credit card company did not have my shipping address on file. Problem is, the second time I had already put my shipping address on file due to the first delay. I told them I could not help them and that unless they figured it out, I would go elsewhere. (They figured it out).
-Never responded to my complaints. Not only do they have horrible customer service hours (10:30-6:00pm) but they don't respond when you leave a message. There phone system actually hangs up on you without resolution.
-Don't respond to emails either.
-They shipped my phone without notifying me that the problem had been resolved. I was ready to order through onther company when I decided to call and make sure.
-When I did get my phone, it was a completely different color than the one (and only) image on the website. In fact, color options were not even advertised. There return policy is financially prohibitive.
-As a bonus to my order, they offered a car charger for $1 and a leather cover for $5. I ordered both and received neither.
-When I tried to call them about this problem I ended up on a fax line (a number I called before with different results). They also have a chat line. this too was out of service. Mind you, it's 11am. 30 minutes into their customer service hours.
-Left an email with no response after 6 hours. I'm at work and can't have comunications at home due to the fact this is a surprise gift. Here it is the weekend and no resolution. Very poor customer service.

This is where it stands now. The website has customer testomnials. DON'T BELIEVE THEM. It's easy to rate a company well when things go right. The true test is how they respond when things go wrong. Lostmyphone.com does not handle mistakes very well. What they do ship is timely, but the prices are no better that a handful of similar websites out there. I would highly advise using someone else.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-08:
I never trust any web site that displays testimonials. You can be sure they were written by management. A $5 leather cover is going to be junk quality. Does the replacement phone even work?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-08:
I never trust a website that does not disclose the company's physical address. Or those that do not have a non-toll-free number posted.
Posted by Poor service magnet on 2006-12-11:
It was'nt the testimonials that made me choose lostmyphone.com. It was a refferal from a trusted source. Apparently, he had no mistakes made with his order, therefore, he did not have to deal with customer service.

They do have a physical address (Arlington VA.). What they don't have is good customer service or totally honest advertising. I did manage to get a chat with customer service. When I told them that I got a black phone when I really wanted a silver one, there reply was "Oh, you mean you got the "special edition" version? (lucky you). Which is a total load of !@#@#! It is a black phone at all the websites, not a special edition. Pure bull.
Posted by dfields on 2006-12-13:
You could report this issue to the FCC via their website. They really do look into complaints. Thats what got Dell into trouble with there customers. The company recently lost a class-action suit (dishonest advertisements and sales tactics) and was ordered to pay $17 million to 900,000 customers!
Posted by headgames on 2007-02-16:
I had a very poor experience with Lostmyphone.com also. I ordered a used phone (my first mistake) which stopped working after 13 days. It took a long time, but I finally received a replacement for that one which would not vibrate (something I found out after realizing I had missed several calls). They gave me a RMA (return merchandize authorization) for that and I sent it back to them, but could never get a phone that worked or a refund. They don't answer emails for days at a time (or never in my case). After an investigation, my credit card company gave me a full refund of all their charges to my account. Don't trust them.
Posted by Jim on 2011-12-12:
My brother was due to visit me in California - he lives in Indiana - but his phone was damaged just before he was to leave. He went online and found lostmyphone.com. He called me and asked me to order it for him so it would be delivered here while he was visiting In November 2011 for two weeks. Like a dummy, I did so without doing anything other than clicking on the link he sent me to expedite, and using the info he sent to select the correct phone for his service provider. Today it has been nearly a month since the order and by brother has come and gone. I got an email from Lostmyphone saying they would charge my account using their parent company which they did not list. Some searching online, when I tried to cancel the order, shows that they have only the city of Arlington, VA as their location, and no phone number. What have I gotten into?! This company does not answer phone calls or emails...and they now have my credit card and other info to charge whatever they want! (Yeah, I know. Should have told my brother to order the phone.)

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