LeeBrant Jewelers Complaint - Terrible watch repair experience

Review by aharris657 on 2006-12-09
SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- Watch repair was a nightmare here! I was a first-time customer but never again! Though I spent over $280 for "authorized Cartier repair" and waited several weeks for the service to be completed, the watch was not running on time just shortly after I picked it up!

When I returned to the store and complained to owner Brant, after briefly examining the watch, he grew hostile and agitated, claiming I "banged the watch and broke off the stem." This accusation was completely unwarranted and terribly offensive.

The inconvenience, unpleasantness and poor service I encountered at Lee Brant Jewelers ranks among the worst retail experiences I have ever had.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-09:
Who broke the watch?
Posted by JEWELRY on 2007-03-26:
I am Brant Bateman, President of LeeBrant Jewelers. I am responding to a review posted by aharris657 on 12-9-06. Ms. Harris returned to LeeBrant Jewelers with a complaint that her Cartier watch had stopped working a few days after she picked it up from our store and she wanted her money refunded for the repair. I asked Ms. Harris for her watch in order to check the battery because occasionally a battery will be defective. She immediately said that she wanted her money refunded for the repair and could not believe that after she spent $280.00 her watch would not work after only a few days of wearing it. I explained to Ms. Harris that I needed to see her watch because it could be something as simple as a bad battery and we would replace it. I went to the watch bench to open the watch, where I discovered the sapphire on the stem of the watch was completely shattered. I opened the watch and discovered the battery was not making contact because the sleeve was completely out of place. The dial on the watch was completely off center and prevented the hands of the watch from freely moving. It was obvious the watch had a severe impact or had been dropped. I ask Ms. Harris if the watch had been dropped or had an impact. She said in a loud voice that she never dropped her watch and we were going to refund her money. I showed her the broken sapphire on the stem and how the dial of the watch was off center. This could only happen by an impact and this was why her watch was not working properly. I explained to her that our warranty does not cover this type of damage and we would not give her a refund, but if she would leave the watch with me I would see what we could do. She called me an “a—hole” and said her husband was a doctor and she could ruin our reputation if we didn't refund her money. I explained to her again that it was not the quality of our work but the impact the watch had received after she picked up the watch that had caused her watch to stop working. She called me an “a—hole” again and continued insulting the quality of our work. She became so verbally abusive that I asked her to leave the store and she refused. I asked her a second time to leave and instructed our security guard to escort her from the store. He explained that she was on private property and must leave the store. He escorted her from the store as she continued cursing in a loud voice saying “F--- you” as she left.

Within 24 hours we repaired her watch dial, battery sleeve and hands and straightened the stem but did not replace the sapphire on the crown. All at no charge to Ms. Harris. We called and left a message that her watch was ready and there would be no charge for the repair.

I strive to make all customers happy and but I do not allow customers to be verbally abusive to my employees or to me. We tried to be more than fair by repairing her watch at no charge and as quickly as possible.

Brant Bateman
LeeBrant Jewelers

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-06:
Wow, It's nice to know that the party concerned was able to clarify the issue. ..THanks for your reply Mr. Bateman, it's highly appreciated. Very well explained. :)

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