IBM/Lenovo Complaint - 2006 IBM thinkpad X31 Service: Worst ever seen!

Review by vk8d3veo on 2006-12-15
My thinkpad x31 laptop has a loose contact between the laptop and the power cord plug, which is simple to fix and is under the 3 years service warranty.

The laptop is somehow old(2.5 years) so may has some other minor problems, but if the plug contact is okey, or if I use the battery, it runs perfectly.

After sending it to IBM service center, the guys there said they need to charge $700 to repair everythign or they won't replace the plug!

this is the most ridiculous warranty service I have ever seen. Only a small $10 plug need to be replaced to let the laptop runs perfectly again and IBM wants $700!

BTW, the contact was loose once when I purchased it 2.5 years ago. Called IBM at that time, they said this problem can't be repeated and declined any inspection or service. Same problem happend about 1 year ago. Called IBM again and they only sent me a new power cord. Now it happens again and this time it went to the repair center.

I was telling the customer rep. at that repair center, that this problem has been there for a long time and she said, since the previous service didn't went to her repair center, she doesn't have the record so she can't verify. And she went ahead saying, you only have two option: 1. pay $700 to IBM to repair everything or 2. you have the laptop repaired by yourself.

Another thing to complain is, they dont' call me or contact me at all when there is problem w/ the service process. They simply delayed the service w/o any notice. I have to call them by myself from time to time and find out they are waiting for my response! How can i know you are waiting for my reponse if you dont' contact me?! Am I supposed to call you everyday to see if you want me answer any question?!

lousy ibm service....
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-12-16
Posted by S on 2006-12-15:
Sounds like they successfully dodged the repair option until it was out of warranty... much like a car dealership. You might get a better price from a local computer repair shop?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-15:
I agree with Spart and I think maybe you should try a local computer repair shop.
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-16:
JayD: Up to your old tricks again I see. Why must you be such a jerk?

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