Badbusinessbureau.com Complaint - Ripoffreports.com Slanders Consumers

Review by coolo on 2006-12-16
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I am complaining about my own personal experience with the owner of the Ripoffreports.com and Badbusinessbureau.com. I asked them kindly to remove rants used against me for concerns with businesses I complained about. Mr. Magedson is a bad mouth and his schemes seem to attack the very ones that post their complaints including businesses hurt by Magedson and his so called consumer friendly websites. There are a few websites that expose Ed Magedson for who he is and what his real intentions are. "Ed was charged with RICO Racketeering," These few websites expose this Con man, www.bad-business-rip-off.net/hycite.html ; www.bad-business-rip-off.com/served.html ; www.goodbusinessbureau.com and www.ezripofflawsuit.com .
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Posted by N. on 2006-12-17:
Here you state your location as AZ, and the next day you post your location is TN. Doesn't make you look very credible.
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-18:
coolo: I agree with your statements about Ed Magedson. I posted a complaint about a business which I had a problem with on Magedson's Rip-Off Report, and in the rebuttal, the owner of the company posted my personal information (full name, home address, telephone number, and email address). I contacted Mr. Magedson (I was able to speak with him on the telephone), and he REFUSED to remove my personal information!

Noneill: I think that the poster is trying to say that Ed Magedson's Badbusinessbureau.com/Rip-Off Report is located in Scottsdale, AZ!
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-18:
Since Mr. Magedson doesn't seem to mind the posting of personal information on his website, I'm sure that he won't mind me posting his personal information on this one:

Ed Magedson
2033 W. McDowell Blvd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85220-9157
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-12-18:
It's simple really. Ed trumps up complaints against a business, using titles like "rip off from hell" or "evil dirt bags", then makes a business pay to have it removed through his transparent "business remediation program". With all the civil suits against him, plus complaints to AZ's attorney general, I am surprised his site is still going. His lawyer fights hard but I don't think she can save it past another year- two tops.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-12-19:
Noneill, the Rip off report's address is Scottsdale.
Posted by cdn_pitbull on 2007-01-11:
he rippoff report seems to be a 'safe haven' for petty extortionist and cyber thugs. I had a customer demand money 'or else' he would report me on ripoff report. I didn't give him the money and he did report me. I pointed out the rip off report that the only reason he had 'reported me' was because I refused to give him money. Thier response: Well if you pay us we will arbitrate the dispute! excuse me ? what dispute the guys an extortionist. I leter find out that this guy was in fact a competitor so I sent proof of this to the editor of the rip off report, his response, well we allow you to repond to his commnets!!

I think the ripoff reports only aim is to get as many website links in there data base as possible to increase their search engine rankings.

Reputable sites such as amazon removed this persons comments when I pointed the situation out to them but this guy, he's not interested in accurate reports.

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