Review by goin2thedogs on 2006-12-21
VPI uses every trick in the book to NOT pay you on a claim. Most recently they kept asking for more and more information. It was a 275.00 claim for a dog that was linping. Normally they require the form signed etc from the vet with a diagnosis. Then 3 weeks later they wanted the hand written notes. Then they claimed they never got it. This went on and on. for 4 months. Now they sent another questionaire to my vet - claimed they didn't get it (they actually had it after checking). They take 2 months to process a claim but in reality they have a staff that's sole job is to give the custer a run around and deny all calims. Eventually the customer and the vet gets sick of hounding them and gives up. Many of their reps a re just rude. I would not suggest getting insurance from this company EVER.
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-12-21
Posted by S on 2006-12-21:
I had no idea you could get insurance for your dog?! Sounds like business is not going so well for them yet if they are not paying claims. If you don't mind sharing, I'm curious what you pay a month for coverage? Any deductible?
Posted by PLM1973 on 2006-12-21:
I learned about pet insurance a few years ago. From the research I've done, it's *not* worth it 99% of the time. First, it tends to be very expensive. Second, it also tends to be very limited. For example, one company had various insurance plans to choose from. Their "premium" level plan was listed as "Unlimited visits to the vet*". At the bottom of the page, they explained the *. It said "Up to 2 visits per year, as long as the pet is 5 years of age or younger." By my calculation, that's 10 visits. In what world is "unlimited" equivalent to 10? My advice: Unless your pet is just sick all the time, pet insurance is not worth what you spend on it.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-12-21:
Quick question for PLM1972..I bet if your pet was sick all of the time you would not be eligible for the insurance. Am I correct?

Sparticus, I recall some four years back I guess, with an aged Dachshund in my arms, seeing an insurance application sign at the check out at my vets. I would have signed her up in a minute and the equally aged cat as well. I expect the claims would have been denied due to "pre-existing conditions". LOL..might as well laugh what else to do.
Posted by rah332 on 2006-12-21:
i had purchased a policy 4 my dog yrs ago. he was kind of sickly when he was young.. i didn't have any trouble filing the claim and getting my pymt. But after numerous claims, they cancelled my policy. said i had too many claims.. it was worth it for me. got more $$ back than what i paid in premiums.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-21:
There's a "cat scan" joke in here somewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-21:
I had a cat with diabetes. I had to give him 2 shots of insulin each day . Pretty soon dogs and cats will qualify for government disability and Meow Mix food stamps. Medicare and Medicat.

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