House of Hunan Complaint - Horrible service, horrible meal

Review by Quinlynnd on 2006-12-25
DES MOINES, IOWA -- My family and I just returned from the worst meal. We went to House of Hunan in Des Moines, IA. No one came to our table for at least fifteen minutes, then finally the woman who was working the front came over and asked what we wanted to drink, and we ordered, too, since we had decided long before what we wanted, and we had no idea when or if a waiter/waitress would ever appear. No apologies were made for our excessive wait. The food was horrific, once it arrived; we sent one of the dishes back because it was cold, and they brought it back, still cold, never once asked if we needed refills on our drinks, if everything was okay; NOTHING. One of the dishes had rotten shrimp; you can't get that taste of of your mouth at all: YUCK! Then we complained, and the woman working at the front didn't even so much as apologize or offer to take anything off our bill! She simply said; "We out of control; really busy." That was no apology! Then, concerning the shrimp, she said; "Oh' that special shrimp." We told her; "Yes; it's gone bad." We will never return. Learn from our mistake; don't EVER go there!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-25:
I have no problem walking out of a restaurant if I feel that it's taking too long for my order to be placed. But if the place is very busy I cut them some slack. You should have refused to pay for the cold dish and the bad shrimp. That is of course providing you didn't eat it.

If you really want to see a worst meal see the movie WAITING. Even though it's a dumb comedy you will always remember it when dining out.
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-26:
The solution to your problem is simple. You should have left the server little or no tip.

Earlier this month, I experienced absolutely awful service from a waitress at an Applebee's restaurant down in Florida. She was S-L-O-W, and the food was cold. I didn't get upset or complain (I didn't want the waitress or the cook to spit in my food), I just left a 5% tip with the check. As I was leaving, the waitress gave me a dirty look, to which I responded "with lousy service like that, you're lucky I left you any tip at all!"
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-26:
Tips used to mean something now they think you are supposed to leave one "just because". The biggest insult you could leave was a nickel that meant that it was an all around bad experience. Now some places try to add the tip to your bill even if you leave another on the table. Most waiters will tell you when this happens and to them I leave an “honesty” tip just to let them know I appreciate it. In your case I don’t think I would have paid for bad food and I hope nobody got sick.
Posted by Bell on 2007-01-01:
I wouldn't have waited 15 minutes for service. I wouldn't have waited 5 minutes for service. However, at the first sign of rotten seafood, I would have DEMANDED a manager!

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