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Review by iva on 2006-12-29
OLD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- I have had appointment scheduled for my three daughters at 12:15 pm. When I arrived at the dentist I registered my children and I was told there is a minimum 45 minites waiting time. I told the secretary that I wish they call my home with a delays so I could be prepared. She apologized, then I left the office to do some shopping. When I came back I was told that I am not allowed to leave the office. I replayed that I can do anything with my free time. Then I was told that I have two options, wait till all patients are seen or reschedule the appoitment. I had decided to redraw my children from that office.
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Posted by S on 2006-12-29:
This type of thing has annoyed me for years. Why is it that whenever you schedule a doctors (or dentist) appointment, they can never see you at the scheduled time?! I has gotten to the point where you have to show up 45 min early just to be seen at the time you scheduled. Then once you finally do get called they put you in a room for another 20 minutes just sitting there waiting some more. I know they can fall behind for whatever reason, but perhaps they should do as you suggested and notify folks with appointments that day when they start to get behind by more than 30-40 minutes.
Posted by Bababooey on 2006-12-30:
Since when did you get a star, JayD?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-12-30:
Iva -- you can certainly do anything you want with your time, but the office policy is if you leave, you lose your appointment slot. My dentist always runs on time....he is wonderful. They have several appointment slots every day for emergencies so it doesn't mess up the regular appointments. I think it is a great way to run an office.
Posted by iva on 2006-12-30:
Dear JD
I made an appoitment during school break so will be easer to plan that day.I had to reschedule a play date.I have 4 children ages 9,7,5, and 7 months old. I had to wake my infant from sleep in order to be on time.Also,it is not so easy to get ready and leave the house with a 4 children.So, I had the right to be upset and frustrated. Can you imagine to wait that long with all the children.If I make an appt.and I am on time I expect to be seen within 15 min.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-02:
Rescheduling is a pain with or without kids if you juggle work, errands,family and appointments. They should have called and let you know. How rude to expect that patients should wait a min of 45 mins...Also, I'm not sure how long you were gone, but how dare they tell you you can't leave. They say it's a min 45 mins then are upset you leave to do something constructive with that time. NOT to mention that you do have multiple children and since the appt was for 3 kids...they CLEARLY should have been smart enough to know that you were dragging 3 (or more) kids to the dntist and would probably like to know if thre was a long wait time. Good move on getting a new dentist!
Posted by ynnep on 2007-03-07:
Posted by EDCOB emp on 2008-02-08:
To all of you that think it is "rude" you clearly have never worked in this type of an environment before. You don't know what goes on behind the scenes. First off, you came in with your 3 children so you must have been in for a check up and cleaning. There's a reason they tell you there's a 45 min wait, it's so when you wait 20 mins, you're not as upset! When you left the office they probably called you. You're called once, they mark the time down. They come out 5 mins later, you're called twice, and they mark the time down. The third time, the assistant calling you either asks the desk where you are, and they won't know because you left without saying anything, and I know you did because if you told them you were leaving they would have told you not to, or they just hand the chart to the receptionists. Now back to that "I can do anything constructive with my time" stuff... would you leave a line at the ticket office while waiting and grab a bite to eat because the wait was too long and then expect to hop back in between the people who were around you? NO!!!! You have to hold your place in line!! The world doesn't always work your way!!! Get over it!!! Next time either wait or reschedule. And FYI... there are about 250 patients seen every day at that specific office. Do you realy think they can call each one to tell them there is a delay in the office of about 30-45 mins? I think not. Oh.. and one more thing... "redraw" what the hell are yo talking about?? Did you mean "withdraw?"

And to you rhondam - You think it's rude to expect people to wait. Wat do you think they should do? Put her ahead of 5 or 6 other people just because she has children? Chance are there are aout 3 families with 3+ people in each and that is why it is taking longer than expected. Because Mom, Sally, and Tom had appointments, but Johnny and Katie didn't but they have a toothache and Mom wants them to have a check up. Those two check ups throw the schedule off 30 mins..get it.

I would LOVE to see your responses to this one...
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-08:
If that's the case then leave a few blank appointments in your book so that people can take care of emergencies. I agree that it's rude to make people wait 45 minutes. To children under the age of about 12- 45 minutes= half a day in time. You didn't have to put her ahead of anyone, but you could have told the others that slipped in that your books were full.

I once had a Dr's appointment with a specialist. The night before my appointment, I was having a hard time breathing. I decided since I was going to the Dr's office I could see if they had any appt's. I got in I was having a hard time breathing and asked if they could fill me into another slot with my general doctor. I could barely get any breaths out and the receptionist could see I wasn't doing well. She told me no that they were full. I begged and pleaded with what little breath I had for any gen. practice doctor to see me. Nope, everyone was booked past capacity.

So I sat in the Dr's office waiting for my appointment for over an hour, with very labored breathing. Finally 2 hours later, I was able to leave. On my way out, I asked if they could please fit me in. Nope. I ended up at the ER as soon as I left. I found out I was breathing at 1/8 of my lung capacity because of an infection.

I can't imagine anyone in your dentist office having something that life and death that they can't be scheduled for another day to accommodate people who make appointments. I'd be furious too. Anything more than 15 minutes should necessitate a phone call.

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