Cookeville Honda Complaint - FRUSTRATION!! - contract and service

Review by Nashrambler on 2006-12-31
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Entered dealership on 12/26/06. Found 03 Honda Pilot, and negociated. 5 hours later contract finished, and drove vehicle home. Noticed large dent under rear hatch and returned to dealership. Discovered contract was innacurate by 1000 miles with odometer statement, and veh. had other problems not disclosed to me earlier. Rescinded contract. 12/28/06 returned to dealership with offer from sales mgr. to rectify and find acceptable veh. and transaction. 5 hours later, multiple errors with veh. and dealer prep., I drove home. Discovered same error AGAIN with odometer statement, and now I wish to cancel all contracts with Cookeville Honda. Inneptitude.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-31:
Report them!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-31:
Consider yourself lucky that they took it back without blaming you for the dent. But that you went back two days later spent another 5 hours with more problems and the same odometer error. That manager must have offered a fantastic deal.
Posted by Nashrambler on 2007-01-02:
I returned to Cookeville Honda to return this last vehicle. YES, they revised the entire contract, lowered the total, improved my warrantee to 100 thousand full bumper to bumper with no deductable, and apologised. No problem with this company. Money gets a response in all things, and the apology wasn't a bad idea either. I am a customer again.
Posted by logmgr on 2007-01-15:
I too had a problem with Cookeville Honda. Purchased a 06 Chevy on 11/24/06....left dealership and drove 1/2 mile...discovered undisclosed scratch on drivers side from front to had a vibration which I thought was wheel balance and turned out that 2 rims needed replaced.
They sold me a Great Lakes unlimited mileage warranty for $895...took at least 6 phone calls and almost a month to get my copy...after reading it I found it full of loopholes
and consequently called the warranty company to cancel it only to find out that Cookeville Honda never sent in in. Contacted dealer to cancel,they needed a fax from me signed in order to refund. I sent that 3 weeks ago. I have contacted them since only to be treated VERY rude by a worker named Marsha. I am still awaiting refund.
Posted by Nashrambler on 2007-01-15:
I have yet to receive a copy of my 100 K mile bumper to bumper warrantee, nor have I received a payment book. I did have to return for a tire-pressure warning light that refused to go off....twics I returned, but it was fixed. Nonetheless, I was not satisfied with the initial service and the paper work was a insurance co. contacted me because the dealership sent the wrong paperwork, AS did the lender! If all transactions were anything like ours, no-one would want to buy a vehicle. SERVICE DURING SALES as well as after is what I wanted...we will see.......we will see....

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