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Review by petunia on 2007-01-01
COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My son purchased a shirt to wear to a party. The shirt was a dress shirt that is folded and stacked in the store. It was his size and he liked the shirt. When I unfolded it to iron it it had a hole in it appearing to be where someone could have possibly sliced it with a razor while opening a box. I only wanted to exchange the shirt for another one like it. The store is closing and the manager informed me that all sales were final, then he repeated himself and reminded me that it didn't mean that all sales were final unless they had a hole. The shirt cost 79.50, my son had to really dig deep to even afford the shirt the shirt is not wearable. I asked if he could not not do this on the reputation of the store and of course he replied "sorry". This is an upscale store with a commendabe reputation, I am extremely disapointed in the way this was handled.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-01:
So take it to court and make it public that they purposely sell damaged clothing to unsuspecting customers just to make a profit of damaged merchandise, and try BBB.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-01-01:
Try this: Take out an ad in your local newspaper describing the problem and how you were treated. Granted, it will cost you a little. But in all likelyhood it will cost him more. It might make you feel better.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-01-01:
The Parisian/McRae stores have sold to either the Saks or Belk chain depending on which website you are directed to. You stated the store was closing and the manager was not willing to help you in any way since all sales were final unless the product had a hole. It appears your son's shirt in fact had a hole. What was the managers response to that?

Did your son possibly pay by credit card? If so, dispute the charges.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-01:
Nohandle I think the manager is saying that all sales are final, and even sales with damaged clothing are final to the unsuspecting customer that did not see the hole before.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-01:
Was the shirt on clearance or discounted because of the store closing?
Posted by N. on 2007-01-01:
That is a lot to pay for a dress shirt. Are you sure it wasn't "clearance" priced? Sometimes clearance items are not returnable but they should have let you try to exchange it. Last resort I would get an iron-on patch and hopefully it won't show so he can wear it.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-01-01:
who the hell pays $80 for a shirt?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-02:
Since tools were doing most of the job for us, our minds could afford the luxury of philosophizing, which is really mental gymnastics (to keep the mind in good shape). If people would realize this they wouldn't pay $80,00 for a shirt!
Posted by lisa on 2008-01-23:
I just found this compaint...a year later! I work for Saks Inc. who used to own Parisian. At this time last year, Parisian was in a transitional phase from being transferred from Saks to Belk Inc. I also know for a fact that all sales are not final...its not our policy for Saks and I'm pretty sure not for Belk either. I have returned clearance items back to Belk without any problems. So this particular instance, the sales associate was wrong. I hope that you were able to remedy the situation!

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