Eyeglass Express Complaint - False Advertisement

Review by BluntMind on 2007-01-03
MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- I was refered to eyeglass express from a family member on getting a free eye exam and you would get a buy one get one free on glasses for $80.00, well I called them up and got an appointment at 3pm on December 29, 2006. The Advertisement was right on what my family member told me, but there was a flaw in the entire thing though.....all the glasses were $99.00 or up, so I had no choice on it, they were completely unorginized and but they were professional about it, including their eye doctors. I picked out my two pairs of glasses and the advertisement didn't even say anything about charging you for the lens at all! granted it is a good deal if it was done correctly though, but in truth it was a huge scam! I paid $158.00 for both pairs of glasses they charged me the lens that was 89.00 and the glasses were 69.00, I asked them more then twice on when I will recieve my glasses and they said Wensday, now I gotta wait by the end of this week or next week! it will be a total of 1 week and 3 or 4 days just to get them cause they were on a four day vacation which personally I think is a bunch of BS cause by the time new years party starts it would be after work and I will repeat myself on it AFTER WORK!. Personally it is a huge scam and they do rip you off for not being punctional on it, now if they called me a day before when the glasses would arrive then I wouldn't be so ferious, but they didn't....when they told me about this four day vacation they didn't even appologize for it! not even an appology! that's extremely poor sense of customer service on that, I personally think that if you do go to eyeglass express I would watch what your doing there cause they will rip you off completely and they don't even tell you anything about the advertisement just buy one and get one free on glasses, my services there will not be brought back due to the lack of orginization and the poor customer service on their behalf
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-03:
Sounds as if you've been framed. question: Do Bifocals go both ways?
Posted by KCR on 2007-01-03:
You state "the advertisement didn't even say anything about charging you for the lens at all", did you expect the lens to be free? Or did you just want the second pair to be the frames only?? In my experiences with eye glass promotions (I used to wear glasses, my wife wears glasses and one of my daughters wears glasses) the deals are typically on the frames only. The lens is always an additional cost, and can run quite a bit more than the frames once you add on the scratch-proofing & tinting & "feather weight", etc.

fyi, $158 for TWO pairs of glasses is a pretty great deal. I have spent upwards of $500 for a single pair.

As for the store taking time off for the holiday, did you get time off?? I personally don't see a problem with the store allowing their employees a little extra time off around the holidays. You just have to plan better in those situations I guess.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-01-03:
A lot of businesses were closed for three or four days over Christmas and New Years. Why do they owe you an apology for giving their employees a couple of days off?
Posted by Shakra on 2007-01-03:
KCRovert, I concur with your post. $158 for two pairs of glasses is an excellent deal.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-01-03:
I don't wear glasses, and even I knew that the lenses are not free.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-01-04:
FYI, when you buy a bed frame, it doesn't come with mattresses.
Posted by BluntMind on 2007-01-04:
it works for the bi focals as well with the deal, but the lady who was dealing with me on those glasses said that she wouldn't charge me for the lens at all, I have have my own buisness and I always call my clients a day in advance and appologize that their purchase won't come in on the day I said it would be complete and they respect it also I bump off a few dollars of the purchase and give that amount back to them cause it was my mistake. I prefer to keep their buisness to be with me cause they know I'm reasonable and I'm also responsible for my mistakes and even admit that I made the mistake, it's a matter of respect in the buisness world and if you don't have the respect to your customers/clients etc.. then I wouldn't have a successful buisness that I hold on my own
Posted by ynnep on 2007-03-07:

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