Turf Technologies Complaint - Poor quality installation, very poor customer service

Review by nicolei on 2007-01-04
SAN JACINTO, CALIFORNIA -- Turf Technologies installed artificial turf in a small area in yard with the guarantee that it would be maintainence free. It was not installed correctly, there are black rubber type pellets that are suppose to support the fibers to make them stand up. The installer used a blower to try to improve the appearance and blew the pellets onto neighbors and our porch. These track into the house on shoes, leaving black marks. The grass is also flat, since the pellets are not there to make it stand. The company has BBB complaints, and is impossible to reach. They have made numerous appointments to fix and have not shown up. A stop was placed on the credit card funds to pay until it was fixed, so the company filed a lien. They said they would fix it AFTER it was PAID for. They wouldn't fix before, so why would they fix after the funds were released?The worker that came to the house stated he was late because they had numberous complaints in the San Jacinto and Hemet area he was following up on for shoddy installation. They continued to harrass my mother, who is 80 yrs old and threatened to put a lien on her home and take it. We have hired an attorney, and are finding other unhappy customers to join in a class action against Turf Technologies. We would prefer to have this product removed, as it is more work than the grass. The company said it must be raked and swept to keep it standing correctly. So much for maintainence free.
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Posted by SYNLawn on 2007-01-12:
If you would like help, contact SYNLawn www.synlawn.com and we will see what we can do to correct your lawn problems. Maybe we can offer a solution that will solve your problem.

There are many companies selling these rubber crumb tire lawns that were designed for football fields to homeowners as "wonderful" solutions for pools, dogs, kids and desert areas.

The rubber crumbs and the fact that the products were not necessarily designed for these types of uses are often misrepresented as innovations, instead of drawbacks in these environments.

SYNLawn makes products without the rubber crumbs- they look better, last longer and have a longer warranty. Maybe we can help fix these problems for you and your friends. Liening nice little old ladies' houses is not a good way to build a reputation.

There are three sides to every story, but your problem sounds typical- many of these "companies" are nothing more than a contractor who buys grass from a distributor and sells it- then farms out the installations to a bunch of people that do "pick up work" in a region- they often pay by the sq. ft.

Many of these companies publish ads that are misleading as to the amount of rubber crumbs required, or that downplay or misrepresent the role they play or why they are used in the first place. Often the ads tout the products as "maintenance free" instead of "low maintenance" or "near maintenance free" which is a more reasonable representation. Frequently these ads attempt to make it seem that the company is a large operation or has "exclusive" products when what they actually are is a smaller local operation, new in thebusiness and what they offer is actually quite generic.

As in any trade or industry, these things are all extremely important! You get what you pay for. Ask a lot of questions and don't be fooled by marketing sizzle.

SYNLawn is the company whose products you will see all over Las Vegas- like at the WYNN Hotel Resort- 5.5+ acres- the largest installation in the world. There is a reason we are the standard nationwide and it's not an accident.

Always make sure that whomever installs your grass actually works for the company. Demand proof they are licensed and you should always seek to buy a national brand name from a manufacturer like SYNLawn.

We have many products that are $5.99 a foot isntalled with a 7 year warranty. They are the same grade, quality, type and look (even better) as those sold by these other companies for $6.95, $7.95, $8.95 and even $14.00!

If we can help, call our toll free number- 866-739-5296 (LAWN). We are the largest in the country and our products are unequalled in the industry.

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