Santa Monica Acura Complaint - Bad Business Tactics

Review by CoolCustomer on 2007-01-05
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- Went in at 1/2/07 for an RSX Type-S. They are one of few dealerships in this area that still carried a brand new discontinued RSX Type-S. There was a $5,000 "adjusted market value" markup on the discontinued model. They would not make a deal so I went home feeling insulted by their business tactic.

Called back next day to their internet fleet sales and was told they just had a new years sale recently and that $5,000 markup was unreasonable. Then I was told to speak to their fleet manager and was promised a better deal. Went back in at 1/4/07 and they gave me $500 off plus the cost of mud guards (an additional $290) to a grand total discount of $790 off of the $5,000 markup. So instead of paying $5,000 above MSRP, now it was $4,210 above MSRP and they made it seem like they were doing me a huge favor.

Spoke to their sales manager on their dealership practices and he basically said that it's a hot rare car and he can price it however he wants and someone would be willing to buy for that price. Obviously, they are waiting for a sucker to pay that much for a discontinued model. I wished them good luck and walked out.

EDIT: There are few other dealerships that still have RSX Type-S around my area going below MSRP...just not the color I want. I will be looking for a different car. I do have a few friends who work at dealerships and I myself thought about working in auto sales because I'm an automobile enthusiast and I've worked in non-automobile sales before. So I'm familiar with sales tactics. Ask any high volume dealer and they will tell you that their profits mostly come from moving cars fast. Not by trying to screw a customer out of their hard earned money by outrageous markups and "just because they can". I also know nearly everything about this car as I have done much research on it from it's low to high marks. So before any of you make some un/misinformed comments, I want you to be aware that I'm not some joe shmoe complaining just because I couldn't get the deal I want. $5,000 above sticker for a discontinued model that was render obsolete by Honda's new Civic Si (Acura's parent company) is and should be an insult and a slap in the face to any intelligent consumer like most of us are.
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Posted by notimeforbs on 2007-01-05:
Good for you!! It is soooo annoying when a cocky salesperson thinks it's okay to screw the consumer.
Posted by CoolCustomer on 2007-01-06:
JayD, you make some valid points. Perhaps I made a mistake posting this in the complaints sections. Sure the dealership can sell the car whatever price they want. I just wanted to inform other consumers on how this dealership thinks of their customers and their practices. They are obviously trying to make profits from suckers. I failed to mention that the sales manager pointed out that on KBB.com the adjusted market value for this car is way above MRSP, thus, justifying his prices. I checked on KBB.com and it's a little more than $1300 BELOW MSRP. So I was also lied to. And this is an outdated and discontinued model.

I did the liberty of checking your posts and I see that you complained about your daughter ALMOST having to pay $499 for 30,000 mile checkup. You might want to be more careful about making comments in the future so that you don't sound like a hypocrite. Oh and thanks for taking the time to post.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-06:
The old rule of supply and demand, I remember when the Dodge Viper was first released we had a $55,000 ADM on the sticker mainly because it was one of the first 100 made and yes someone paid it. What you may want to try is to go to another Acura dealer and see if they can locate the color you want through their dealer locator and have the car brought in for you. Otherwise you need to consider whether your "wants and desires" can justify paying the dealers ADM. Good Luck

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