Southern Limo and Sedan Complaint - No show - Limousine service

Review by madaboutthelimo on 2007-01-06
MISSISSIPPI -- This is a HORRIBLE company! {if you want to call it that} I prepaid 257.50 for my daughter to ride in a hummer limousine for 2 hours on her birthday. Birthday comes around and my daughter and 7 of her friends are in beautiful dresses and pictures have been taken. He is supposed to be here at 6;30. HE NEVER SHOWS!! HE NEVER CALLS! We have NO idea whats going on. I call MANY times and leave a few messages. He of course doesnt respond at all! I call to try and find another limo on REALLY short notice. I find one. I explain to the gentleman what happened & he laughs! I said what is so funny? He then states Southern Limousine and sedan is located in Gulfport! That is 2 1/2 hours from me! He advertised in the local Jackson phone book!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-01-06:
I hope you used your credit card. Dispute the charge!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-06:
Madaboutthelimo, sounds like you got ripped off I hope you get them! I would not only dispute the charge but also file a claim in small claims court and ask for more money.
But I hope most of all you were able to save you daughter’s night out.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-01-06:
Considering fuel prices today, it doesn't even make sense they took the job for that money in that car for a 5 hour round trip. I bet they were going to source it to someone in the biz local and they failed to show either by confusion or indifference. You probably did charge it. Simple dispute. I can't imagine you not getting a credit. I would still try to contact the limo company though first. I believe they will just give you the credit without an argument hence saving you some work.
Posted by madaboutthelimo on 2007-01-06:
hi all! Thanks for your responses! Yes, I used my debit card & have already notified the bank. It is 12;06 pm central time & I have called him a hundred times. He finally picked up the phone, and when I said "Jerry" he hung up on me! I was able to salvage her party. Another company was wonderful! Deluxe limousines. They were here an hour after I called. Needless to say, I will be taking this as far as possible. Anyone know how to check to see if he has a legit limo license? wish I could post a pic of her & her friends. thanks to all!
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-06:
madaboutthelimo: whats their phone number? Lets overwhelm their phone lines so they cant do any business!
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-06:
Googling: Southern Limo & Sedan Service.....Please Standby...
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-06:
Please avoid this company: Southern Limo & Sedan Service, 11482 Azalea Trce, Gulfport, MS (228)424-1767.
To madaboutthelimo: I would suggest that you write to the address above and tell them what action you will take when your money is not return in your possession.
Posted by madaboutthelimo on 2007-01-06:
well, I have found 2 addresses on them, and SEVERAL numbers. 1-800-630-5818, 228-831-3400, 228-831-1038. I have left a few messages, one letting him know what kind of "businessman" he is & how sorry it is of him not to at least call me & tell me he would refund my money. I also let him know I was filing complaints with the BBB, attny. generals office, AND i would see him in court! he wont answer for me!

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