Goldberg's Furniture Complaint - Recived 3 Set's of Damaged Oak Kitchen Set

Review by jamantha on 2007-01-07
NORTH SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- We bought an $800.00 counterheight oak kitchen set (our dream kitchen set) with a tabletop turntable and 6 chair(s). Upon the 1st set we recived, we were shocked to see how damaged our "dream kitchen set" was the first week that we had it. The table top started peeling off and we also started to see imprints of cups, etc... They came to inspect the furniture and said that they would return it, it was a diffective set. The second one that we recived- (they would only replace the tabletop- nothing else) was a lot darker than the original, but we were glad to get a new top. After a couple of weeks the same thing started happening - all over again. Only this time "large amounts of the finish" started coming off. We were cleaning the table with their instructions only- furniture polish. The finish was coming off in areas where we didn't even sit or use the top. We called and another rep. was sent out to inspect the top. They than replaced our 2nd top. Needless to say, We now have a set that we paid over $800.00 for and the entire set is distroyed. We have a top with huge amounts of finish missing - all over, and the chair(s) and legs of the set are also missing a lot of finish. At this time, we were very upset and frustrated with our expensive purchse. We decided to write Goldberg's and explain our situation and ask for a refund to purchase another kitchen set. 2 months later the same repair man came to our home (with an attitude) and briefly looked at the table and left. He wouldn't share any info, and he wasen't intrested in speaking with us. We waited several weeks and I called the repair rep. She began to blame us for the problems, and said that "the marks we from silverware" and that we cleaned the top with soapy water. I explained to her that the several marks were in areas where we don't use the top (it is very large). She said that they were not going to do anything for us at all, no replacing the top again- nothing. She said "we were stuck with it". I have tried to contact the general manager, etc.. and left several messages and we have got no response from them at all. 4 months later, we recived a colored stick. We tried it on all of the spots (over 30) and it will not even go over them. We are sick over this ordeal. I cannot even look at the table without crying. This was our first purchased kitchen set that me and my husband bought. Our hand me down kitchen set before is in better shape than this one. Everyone that comes into our home that sees this set, is in complete shock (of course they have to sit at it) and the nightmares begin.
This company has horrible customer relations. They only care about the sale- that's it. Forget about having any issues with their products. Once you spend hundreds and/or thousands, your stuck with that purchase. In this area- Upstate NY there are hundreds of furniture stores to choose from, and we choose the worst furniture store out there. I can only image the other hundreds of dis-satisfied client(s) with diffective expensive furniture. Your better off shopping for your new furniture, in the used classified section of your paper than to buy new expensive furniture & appliances from this establishment.
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Posted by V from Syracuse on 2008-11-26:
I am in the midst of a similarly unpleasant and expensive lesson after purchasing a dining room pub style (counter level) table and chairs from Goldberg Furniture in Syracuse, NY. Several of the stores were going out of business (I was told due to the recession, but now I believe it is because they sell a shoddy product and do not service the product or accept responsibility for the defects in the product), but I was assured that the North Syracuse Store would continue to service their products. I put this out as a warning to anyone who might be thinking of doing business with them at their remaining North Syracuse location. My unpleasant experience was with their Dewitt Store Manager, Mark, who still works for them and is, in my humble opinion, a jerk.

I purchased my table and leather covered bench style chairs more than one month before they were finally delivered (so I think it is too late to lodge a complaint with my credit card company). Within 24 hours of delivery, the finish on the table started flaking off in a couple of spots on the table. This from normal wear, eating dinner at the table with placemats. I had already called service to report that one of the benches was loose, so when they finally called back a few days later, I also complained about the fact that the finish was flaking off. The service person that finally came to my house tightened the bench, saying that they frequently have assembly issues with the chairs. He also examined the table and said "that's not supposed to happen" and I stupidly opined that maybe it was from my wedding ring. He looked at my ring hand and told me, "Well, your rings shouldn't do that" and I concurred that it shouldn't be causing the finish to flake off. He told me to contact the store manager after a few days to figure out what could be done, and HE suggested that "maybe they can replace the table top, or take it in to be serviced and refinished."

In the week that followed, I was very careful not to touch the table area with my ring hand. The table continued to flake. Every edge of the table has flaked. It is a flaky table.

After almost one week of not hearing back from the manager, I called, and eventually got in touch with Mark. I asked him "So, what are we going to do about my table," which seemed like a reasonable introduction to the topic at hand. He responded "We're not going to do anything ... you are the one who caused the damage with your rings."

My rings couldn't have caused the damage to each and every edge of that table. They haven't even touched each and every edge of that table. I told him as much, and he responded: "Well, my technician of thirty years says otherwise. You've abused the table. You should have used placemats." I lost my temper, telling him: "I use placemats. And as far as my rings go, I have not abused the table. We are talking about normal wear here. If I had known I was purchasing a work of art and not a dinning room table to be used as such, I would have donated this thing to the Everson Museum so that it could be kept behind a freaking velvet rope."

He hung up on me. It was probably my use of the word "freaking," which some people find offensive and confuse with another word that I didn't use. I know I shouldn't have lost my temper, but if you could have heard the sarcastic and mean spirited tone in his voice you would understand why I had the urge to climb through the phone line and beat him with the receiver. Meanwhile, I am out over $800, and have a table that continues to flake even as we speak. I’m resisting the urge to take it down to the North Syracuse Store and torch it on their front lawn. I believe that the Goldberg family should be ashamed of themselves for letting their employees abuse their (former) customers, taking their hard earned cash and leaving them with low quality merchandise that they refuse to properly service.

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