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Review by Chat2cmc on 2007-01-08
PUTNEY, VERMONT -- A few weeks ago our family drove from Enfield, CT to visit Santa Land USA in Putney, VT. We were looking forward to a good time and a day of fun and activities. But, I have to say we were not impressed. For one, the admission was extremely expensive considering we finished everything in the park in less then an hour. Not worth the fifty some odd dollars we paid for a family of four!! The lights didn't work in the Santa's Elf house and in the tunnel on the short train ride. Almost all of the exhibits were old, closed, chipping of paint and all unexciting. The staff acted as though the world was ending and lacked any cheerfulness. The pet goats were very aggressive which made it very hard for even an adult to feed them much less our eight and six year old children. There was a puddle of water at the bottom of their slide so we all got our pants wet that made it very uncomfortable considering it was cold outside. Plus, we had over an hour drive home in wet muddy pants. Our child has Cerebral Palsy and can only walk for short distances. The park didn't have any wheelchairs, strollers or ramps available for him. So, make sure if you do go you have your own. Our children did enjoyed Santa. He was great!! But it would have been easier for us to skip the trip to Santa Land and go to the mall three miles down the road. It seems the main gift shop is where the park owners drop all of their money. It is over-stocked with everything but the kitchen sink. They have a hell of a sign in the front of the park too. Makes you think there are wonderful things to see and do inside. Not the case and is very sneaky on their part. Weird they'd spend their money on a gift shop and sign and not the park. We sent e-mail like this to the marketing manager of the park and he was less than helpful. Instead, we received a long drawn out sob story about the parks problems and were asked to, "cut these folks some slack." Which I wouldn't mind doing if our complaint hadn't been patronized and or if the park charged us a fair admission fee. Not worth the money, the time or any return visits!!
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Posted by Skye on 2007-01-08:
It's not a good idea to handle the feeding and petting of those goats, or baby lambs. Haven't you heard of children getting sick from that??, due to fecal matter on the mouths of those animals. I don't think they meant to be sneaky, it sounds like the place needs some major upgrading. And 50 bucks now a days, doesn't seem like much for a family of four. Were you able to see the water before you going down the slide and getting your clothes wet?? Well you tried this place and hated it. Visit Santa's Workshop here in Colorado Springs. This is a place where you get way more then your money's worth, and has a great amusement park for kids and adults.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Petting zoos are nasty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Fun for sale, we have fun for sale... prepackaged plastic fun for the lazy and uninspired. Why use your own imagination, let us do it for you with our shiny orbs and styrofoam fairy dust. Don't forget that oh so special memory keepsake for sale in our gift shop. Thank you, and ya'll come back, ya hear!
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-08:
Stew, you crack me up :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Skye, Stew is cracked up! lol

But you gotta admit on this one he is SPOT ON!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Yeah, I'm pretty lucid right after my morning dose of prozac, stattera and clonazepam washed down by a vinte double quad cafe mocha with a hint of hazlenut.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
Skye, I've been by Santa's Workshop in COS. Looks like a very nice place for the family. Another place in the Springs I'd recommend for seeing animals in a good environment is Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. That's providing one doesn't mind a lot of uphill walking. A very good friend works there as a docent.
Posted by N. on 2007-01-08:
PWP - city boy!
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-08:
Stew your "Fun for sale, we have fun for sale... prepackaged plastic fun for the lazy and uninspired." comment was unnecessary. And I wonder if you have kids, work full-time, commute to work, run errands and to kids/ acitivities. If so, you would know that "buying" fun as you out it is EXACTLY what alot of parents do to entertain their kids outside the home.

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