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Review by Dissastfied on 2007-01-09
NEW JERSEY -- David Masten/ Opti-Score is a company that offers a 30 day guarantee to clean up your credit. Don't trust them..... We had to pay upfront and they did nothing they said they would. They sent us a letter telling us to pay down any credit cards we have now and then basically did nothing else. I have contacted them and want my money back they won't talk to me or answer my e-mails.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Report them to your states AG.
Posted by Dissastfied on 2007-01-10:
I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and the attorney general in nj but I am in PA. I have also filed to my bank for my money back. they really did not do anything for us. just took our money.
Posted by Toddb123 on 2007-06-22:
My name is Todd Bierman. I work for David Masten and help produce the Opti-Score mortgage credit product. The Complaining Customer is really just a complainer. We have a service record showing many phone calls and emails telling them that "this is the first step, and must be done before continuing to the next." We showed them how to pay off less than 10% of their debt to gain over 35 points on their credit score.

Instead of listening, the customer fought us at each step and never did as we told them. We have MANY, MANY clients who having listened and now have a mortgage that saves the thousands of dollars. We only help people who are trying to get a mortgage. This is important to my statements because we DON'T make money off opti-score. It is only a step toward a mortgage loan. We are a mortgage company and are only successful when the client is.

Todd Bierman
800 441 6044 x228
Posted by Toddb123 on 2007-06-22:
Addition to comments from our Office:

My Name is Alice and I worked on the this customer's file. The client started with us because their credit was in shambles and they couldn't manage to live within their means. We explained how our service worked, clearly, carefully, and completely.

Imagine our surprise when the client starts screaming on the phone that we are supposed to make their score go up - I guess magically - since they aren't going to do any of the things we suggest.

We are aware that our clients don't come to us because they have all of their ducks in a row, but this one is absurd.
Posted by Scotty2Hotty on 2008-01-23:
This comment is in response to anyone that has had a bad experience with David Masten / Opti Score. Past clients that has paid for sevices NOT RENDERED, and previous employees that also hasn't recieved pay for work they completed are currently uniting to form a Class Action Suit!! Simply email me with your contact information and we will discuss matters in detail. sevans911@hotmail.com...Thank you. With your cooperation we together can easily put Opti-Score out of business. And more importantly David Masten or Todd Bierman will no longer be permitted to own a business in this country again!! My name is Scott Evans, and I am on your side!
Posted by SharonZ on 2008-07-24:
Scotty2Hotty was fired from out company because he had a criminal record which he lied about on his application. Since we are a mortgage company, this was more than grounds for dismissal. The unpaid 'salary' he talks about concerns his attempts to keep unfinished mortgage deals alive and get paid on them. We took him to court and won.

Todd Bierman

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