Review by mkopf on 2007-01-10
GARFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Please do not order any large items such as cars from, although almost always on sale if the car should come damaged (as mine did) they will do NOTHING to help you. You have to return the product then wait for a refund and get this>>>>>>>YOU have to reorder the item! They won't even replace it for you. Oh and if you take it to the store get this>>>>>>STORE CREDIT ONLY and they don't honor your online price so if you got it on sale you pay the price at the store. In my case the car would cost me $50.00 more. What a horrible company. My suggestion don't order from them they obviously do not know how to service customers or cater to people with children why should a child have to wait three or more weeks to get a new car when it obviously was not the consumers fault!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-10:
I would have gotten 3 estimates to fix the car, then turned them in to ToysRus.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-10:
Oh, here it goes. Oh, here it goes. Oh, here it goes again.
... I take it that you didn't have a receipt?
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-10:
Actually, I like your solution, NewSheriff.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-10:
If you had read their refunds/returns web page before you ordered you would have known all that in advance. Their refund/returns policy is not hidden. There's a RETURNS link on the bottom of every page.

Why should they be a "horrible company" because you failed to inform yourself before making a purchase?
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-01-10:
I understand the product was defective, but most on-line sales through brick and morter stores result in a refund to the origional purchase method if the product is bad. Then you get the refund, and then re-order. I myself think this is a bad policy, but.....
Posted by Kaloha on 2007-01-10:
heaven17 she said nothing about not being able to return the product w/o a receipt. So what does a receipt have to do with her post?
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-10:
You're right, Kaloha. It's just that the last 10 or so complaints I've read pertaining to TRU have been about returns without receipts. Automatic pilot.
Posted by Kaloha on 2007-01-10: problem heaven17. I was just wondering where you were coming from is all. I too wrote a complaint earlier today on another post pertaining to TRU's return policy today. However, I had a receipt for one of the items I wanted to return and not the other two. So I decided to go ahead and do the one I had the receipt for and it turned out to be a LONG process for this one item. Anyways, I am sure you will come across the post sometime.

Posted by N. on 2007-01-11:
My complaint had nothing to do with a receipt, however I must agree with others here. Returning online purchased merchandise is typically along the same policy. Patience is the key. If you are short on patience and still have some level of trust then reordering while waiting for your refund is the way to go.

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