Ranch Lands West Complaint - Beware of being scammed by Ranch Lands West of Denver Colorado

Review by Jmikl on 2007-01-16
DENVER, COLORADO -- The first part of this is first hand knowledge. I recently had dealings over the phone with a Mr. Bishop, representing Ranch Lands West. They wanted to sell an undeveloped lot I own in New Mexico. They supposedly offered my lot via an auction to some group that was wanting to buy up adjoining lots in the developement area. Each week Mr. Bishop would call reporting how many lots had been purchased at such and such a price, and that the group buying the lots was no where near buying the number of lots they wanted, and that the purchase of my lot for $17,000 was closer each week. Around the third or fourth week Mr. Bishop asked if I would be willing to listen to an offer he had to make about some other land, and was adamant about the fact that in no way would my response to the offer have any affect what so ever on the selling of my property. Up until this point Mr. Bishop had been so polite he sounded like he had been reading from a script. I listened to his proposition which dealt with investing in some other property. I told him very politely that I was not interested in any further investments, and that only wanted to sell my existing lot. At this point Mr. Bishop became very belligerent on the phone, telling me that I had aggreed to listen to his offer with an open mind. I told him that I had done so and had given him my answer. He continued to tell me that I was not being fair with him, and as I was telling him that I thought he had said my response would have nothing to do with him selling my land...... he hung up on me !!! I consider myself very lucky that he did and that I had no further dealings with him or Ranch Lands West. I say that because of the second part of this review. I just anwered a call from a property management company tonight, that was interested in helping me sell my lot. I furnished the information above and asked if they were in anyway involved with Ranch Lands West. The lady said they were not, but she had just heard that name from another person that she had placed a call to. She had asked this other person if she was looking to sell her property and she said that she thought she had sold it already, but wasn't sure. The lady went on to say that she had been offered $17,000 for her property, (what a coincidence, same dollar figure I was given), and that she had accepted an offer that Ranch Lands West had made to her on another lot in Dallas, Texas, because she and her husband were wanting to move to Dallas. Turns out there was a difference in the price of the lot, so Ranch Lands had her send them her deed for the lot they supposedly sold for her, and an additional $900, the difference in the price of the lots. The woman that told me this said that the lady had send the deed, gave them a credit card number for the $900, and has yet to hear anything back from Ranch Lands West, and that Ranch Lands West has not answered or returned any of her calls. So, as I said, I consider myself lucky that I did not get caught up in their scam. If you get involved with that company talking about selling your property for $17,000 in an auction.........BEWARE !!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-16:
Unless you contacted them first how did they know about your land in New Mexico? If they called first how is it possible that they were offering your land at an auction?
Posted by Shakra on 2007-01-16:
You can usually get that information via the Assessor's office. Unless the person wishes to keep his/her name off the title, it is available.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-17:
Report them to the State's AG quickly!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-17:
Let's sat they got the info from the Assessor's office. That does not give them the right to offer the land at an auction.

Land and tax data are considered public information. Most states offer it on their web pages. Want to know how much your neighbor paid? Look it up, usually it's free.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-01-17:
I agree that it is unethical and illegal. I wasn't commenting on that, but merely pointing out that this company can get the information on this property without the poster contracting with them.

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