Cyberpower Computers Informative - Stay away from this company!!!

Review by TaxDude on 2007-01-18
CyberPower Inc.

In late November of 2006, I ordered a gaming computer from this company. I needed a few questions answered and tried their online help. I aked "what type of cable will I need to hook this computer to a HDTV?" Response: "You must hook it at the back."
Apparently I had more faith in their assembly department than I did in their help people, because I ordered the computer anyway.
I might add here that if I had been aware of complaints.com at the time and read some of the things that had already been written about Cyberpower, I NEVER would have ordered anything from them. Hindsight, huh?
When the unit arrived, there were multiple problems. This is an excerpt from the e-mail I sent to Cyberpower:
1-I am unable to use the unit because whoever assembled it mounted
the card to which the keyboard and mouse connects at a "tilt" so that
the green and purple plugs are half hidden by the frame.
2-The 2nd dvd drive is also mismounted - it sticks out nearly 1/2"
from the frame.
3-The upper USB ports do NOT work and one of them is damaged.
4-The multi-card reader has either not been connected or is faulty.
5-The wires to the light in the front bi-wing panel are hanging out, making it impossible to close the door.
I have to assume that this unit did NOT undergo any kind of testing. If anyone had even bothered to LOOK at it, they would have noticed how badly it was constructed.
4-Considering what I paid for this computer and considering your tauted "excellence of service", I suggest you advise me how you want to handle these problems. If I don't get a sensible reply in the near future, I'll cancel the charge with American Express.
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy workmanship!

I promptly got a reply with a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. This, of course, meant sending the computer from York back to California. It had been purchased as a Christmas present. So much for ho-ho-ho.
I returned the unit on 12/14/2006. AT that time I also contacted American Express and told them that I was contesting the charge. I informed that I didn't (at that time) want to cancel the charge, but simply to postpone it until I had a working unit in my possession. AMEX agreed.
Today, 1/18/07 the computer came back. No notification whatsoever. It was sheer dumb luck that someone was home to take the delivery.
Once again, we took it out of the box and plugged it in. Unbelievably, there was no power to one of the two DVD drives. To say that I went on a swearing binge would be an understatement.
A few moments ago, I sent them the following e-mail:

At the bottom of this page is a message that I sent to you in December 2006 and your reply. Once I got the RMA, I returned the computer and notified American Express to put the charge on hold until I had a functioning machine.
I didn't hear a damn thing from you until the thing rearrived here today, completely out of the blue.
I took it out of the box, hooked it up and...guess what? There is NO POWER to the upper DVD drive.
What do you have working in your assembly/testing department? Chimpanzees?
The absolutely hysterical thing here is that, according to the invoice that accompanied the return, the system was thoroughly tested. How in the world can you "test" a system and NOT notice that one of the drives isn't functioning.
My impression of your firm at the moment is that you're all a bunch of incompetent clowns who couldn't build a computer if your lives depended on it. If I were part of your management team, I'd fire everyone in your assembly department and start over.
I'm going to give you two options here:
1-You can send me another RMA label and I'll return this thing to you and that will be that. I'll inform American Express to cancel the charge, not just postpone it. I can then order a computer from a firm who employs people who have at least some rudimentary knowledge of what they're doing.
2-I'll authorize American Express to allow a charge of $ 1,545 which is the $ 1,605 minus the $ 60 that it's going to cost me for my computer guy to come out and fix whatever's wrong.
Your call.
However, just so we're clear - what is NOT an option. I am not going to return this to the dummies in your repair department and have them send it back to me yet a third time with something not working. I wouldn't trust your people to put together a sandwhich.
Let me know which option you prefer. Until then, the charge will remain on hold at American Express.

Joe L.
Comments:7 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-10-24
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-18:
With your problem with regards to your upper dvd drive: the power cable might came loose during shipment even after the company have tested your system. Re-insert the power cable to the upper dvd drive and that should power up. You digg...

To be honest with you, all of the problems you have with your computer could be fixed in your own home. You just gotta to do a little research. Theres no need to return the computer to company. I wish I could post those solutions to your PC problems here but I would just be writing a book...
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-18:
C'mon TaxDude, cut Cyberpower some slack. Im sure Cyberpower employ the best systembuilder over there. Please check that your power cable are connected securely to your hardware inside your computer. Also make sure that are data cable are connected securely inside your computer. These power cables and data cable may came out loose during shipment and you just need to secure them. If you're not comfortable opening up your computer, take it your local PC shop. No need to take your frustrations at Cyberpower as they good, hardworking people such as yourself. You digg...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-19:
You'd think any warrentees would be no good if he attempted to fix it himself and something else goes wrong in the process. Even breaking certain company tamper labels would screw him over. Nahhh... The customer is always right and he deserves proper quality from the beginning. I like his whole story ... Kicks A$$!
Posted by TaxDude on 2007-01-19:
Excuse me, but when I pay for a functioning computer, I expect to GET a functioning computer. If I wanted to build my own, I'd get the parts and do so. And Kid 7 is correct - tampering on my part voids the warranty. And no, Cyberpower does not consist of capable, hardworking employees. They consist of a bunch of bozos who shouldn't be left alone with Tinker Toys.
Posted by PLM1973 on 2007-01-19:
I've only had one experience with buying a computer online from someone other than the well-known "reputable" companies (Dell, HP, etc.), and it was an AWFUL experience. The computer I got just plain didn't work period, much like what's posted here. I sent it back and got a refund (minus $100+ shipping for the back 'n' forth), and vowed to never do that again. A lot of the smaller companies that build computers seem to just throw them together and ship them without testing anything, as the computer I received wouldn't even power on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
Don't take JayD's intimidation. Read His blog by clicking on his name. See what Haywood and Bababooey and GarRon47 and Gresh and hammbone76 have said.
Posted by stopcallingme on 2011-10-24:
I've also had trouble with the gaming computer that was built by CyberPower PC.

Out of the box, it would not stay powered on. After some lengthy diagnostics, where I needed to go into the case, I rec'd an RMA and it went back to California for close to a month.

It came back, and powered on. There were two new (or maybe old since I couldn't power it on the first time) problems. The Killer K1 High Speed Network Card kept giving an error message and not working (cost for this card: $150), and the computer would suddenly go dead and not be usable for a while. More diagnostics - reloaded network card driver, and the black screen was due to the hard drive cable coming loose from the mother board. Nothing I did fixed it permanently, so another RMA, and back to California for a month.

The machine is returned, and the only difference I find is that a spare network driver DVD was left in the drive. The card is still not working, and the hard drive keeps disconnecting, no matter how many cables I try, or in what connection I stick it in on the mother board. I ask Cyber Power about a full return - this machine is a lemon. Cyber Power's response is my original ship date was three months ago, it's no longer returnable. I gave them both RMA numbers to prove that the PC had not been in my possession most of that time. End result - they don't want it back, and they see no problem with asking the user to reconnect the hard drive every time they get a black screen. Admittedly, it could sometimes stay going for a day with no problems, though without the high speed network card running. So we left the side of the case unscrewed because we needed to constantly fiddle with it. I was offered that I could pay for shipping both ways this time, and it would still take weeks to return back to me. Since they didn't do anything when they paid for the shipping, I didn't see the point in incurring more cost.

About two months go by, and then it's blue screening. When I finally get someone to diagnose it, and I run a utility, with puling out memory and rearranging that, 2 of the 1GB memories have gone bad. Cyber Power PC admits that is still under warranty and gives me another RMA to send in the two sticks of memory at my cost, and they'll trade them with the manufacturer. USPS says they delivered, Cyber Power PC admitted on one call they rec'd them, but the sticks are good and they're going to send me two. I did not receive anything. Each of those cost $25, so that's $50 of parts lost.

Then, as you suspected, the end occurred, and one day the machine no longer turned on, no matter how we plugged in the hard drive. Less than one year of use of the PC. Even with the history - not covered by warranty because it was a customer requested build. Only covers components with manufacturer warranties, and at this point, I was unable to tell what was still working.

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