Pharmacare Complaint - Customer Service (or lack of)

Review by landgirl on 2007-01-19
My complaint is too long to list here, but this companies' customer service is terrible, however, our insurance says we must order maintenance medications from Pharmacare via mail.

I just sent in a prescription and after two weeks, they called to tell me they did not have the medication and would not until mid Feb (another 4 weeks. ) they offered no solution... and actually did not seem concerned. I told them to call in to a local pharmacy.... and they would not even do this. I spent approx 2 hours on the phone trying to resolve this... anyway . . just wanted to voice my frustration with this company. Also with the insurance companies for dictating where we get prescriptions filled. Insurance is certainly not free . . and I also pay a certain percentage. My local pharmacy is much cheaper than this huge one (Pharmacare)... and they had the medication I needed on hand!!!
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Posted by LANDON on 2007-01-20:
JayD, didn't u read the part about it being a requirement to order ALL maintenance medication from this company in order for ins. to pay for it. Don't know bout u, but there are times when i just don't have xtra money to pay out of my pocket no matter how much i need it. landgirl, did u think to possibly contact ins company to see if there are any alternatives to having prescriptions filled.?
Posted by landgirl on 2007-01-22:
Jay . . wow . . I thought this was a website for posting 'my 3 cents worth'. Incompetance????!!! As Landon said, you evidently did not read my post. It does not make any difference if the Pharmacy calls my Doctor and/or insurance . . My insurance will not pay unless we use mailorder and Pharmacare for maintenance medications . Any why should my husband make a call to his doctor when he has already had an office visit for this purpose? Don't know about you, but we both work and do not have a lot of extra time to run to the doctor or to even to call. And yes, I contacted my insurance company and they said their was nothing they could do. My post was only to 'air' my feelings, not search for a solution. This is the first time I have posted anything about anybody . . . and it will be the last for me. I did not realize people were so mean (Jay).
Posted by LANDON on 2007-01-22:
HEY JAYD, NOT TRUE! I used to have an insurance company that would only fill prescriptions from certain pharmacies, Eckerd being the only one in my area. When Eckerd went out of business it was awful trying to get them to understand i didn't want to travel 43 miles to THEIR closest pharmacy. Glad ur insurance is like that JAYD but don't assume that all are. and the whole "DUH" thing..... immature.

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