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Review by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-19
AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN -- I listed my number on the do not call registry. For a full year and several complaints to the state, I found that they do absolutely nothing. I asked the company to please stop calling. Sometimes three times a week. The do-not-call office claims to collect the complaints, but if you want to litigate the company for illegally calling your residence, you are on your own.

I contacted our attorney general during his re-election campaign and got someone to call the telemarketer. The calls stopped. So basically the do not call registry is a joke and a waste of tax payers money.
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Posted by N. on 2007-01-19:
Why am I not surprised. If we knew what really happens to our tax dollars there would be a revolution.
Posted by S on 2007-01-19:
I must admit we don't get half as many calls as we use to. For a while, before the DNCR, we'd get calls all night up unti 9pm. Now we get one a week maybe... at the most.
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-19:
Same here Sparticus, I now have lesser calls from telemarketers after registering with Do Not Call List. How long is the phone number stays on the list before you have to register again?
Posted by you r stupid on 2007-01-20:
I no longer get any telemarketer calls since registering. I just wish that when the churchs and organizations call for donations after you tell them to stop calling that they would. They say since there charity they don't count with the do not call list, but they also keep harrasing you after tyou say stop calling me, which to me is just as annoying.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
If you have done 'business' with any company they have the right to contact you for the next 18 months. A phone call just to inquire makes you a customer. The main problems are too many companies have affiliates or subsidiaries who are permitted by law to use contact you. All you can do is request they stop calling. Sometimes they stop and sometimes they don't.
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-20:
Thanks for the tidbit, PassingBy. Toodles...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
I just screen calls but I hate telemarketers! I had the same experience as Sparticus until I moved and got a new phone number. I put it on the registry but it no longer seems to work. So I just play with these people and hang up on them.
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-20:
Charities and Political candidates are not affected. They continue to harrass and waste my time. I too play with them when they call to waste THEIR time. But it is something none of us need. I have never bought anything over the phone in my life. I have written the politictions in my area and voiced my opinion.
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-20:
To JayD: that was the answer I was looking for, "reregister every 5 years." Thanks...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
I just keep changing my number.
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-20:
Actually the Do-Not-Call list does not work for everyone.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-20:
What company keeps calling?
Posted by Kaloha on 2007-01-20:
Like Sparticus and most of the people on here, we registered our home phone and cell phone numbers. I was only going to do my home phone, but after receiving a telemarketer call on my cell, we decided to do all 3 (house and two cells). Since then, we haven't really received any calls from Telemarketers. Not sure why it isn't working for you....
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-21:
The company that continued to call was SO-CLEAN INC. My number was not available to any business nor did I ever do business with any cleaning company. I asked them several times not to call and that I was on the do-not-call list. The DNCL told me that they would take note of the violations and that they would share that information if I wanted to take them to court which is not worth it. I can do that without them. The government does nothing to help so it's a worthless program. Yes, most calls stopped but that call continued. They had a computer calling me after I complained. The AG called them and asked that they stop calling. No fines. When telemarketers realize what is going on they will start calling you again.

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