ATI Technologies Complaint - bleeding ulcers due to automated tech support

Review by jlory on 2002-02-24
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- This is a copy of an E-mail i sent to the glorious automated tech support from ati technologies:
"i have everything connected right to use my tv as a display. during st
artup, my television displays the boot screens and win98 screens, but,
when the desktop appears on my monitor, my television goes blank. if
i go to display settings and then click the advanced button, i do not
see an "ati displays" tab to enable tv out. the only tabs i have are,
"general", "adapter". "monitor", "ati color", "ati openGL", "ati direc
t3D", "ati options", "Performance", "color management", "ati adjustmen
ts", and "ati advanced". none of these tabs give me an option to enabl
e tv out. i have had numerous difficulties with this produst. i have a
lso sent numerous support e-mails to you. most times i got no response
. so far the only thing i've gotten from ati is an ulcer. the only fea
tures so far that have worked on this product have been the graphics c
apabilities and the multiple monitor support (and that only occasional
ly). if i could find a tech support number where i could actually talk
to someone i would definately do that. it's very hard for a person to
ignore a complaint when they are talking one on one with the disillus
ioned party. but no, i have to e-mail the problem and hope somebody ca
res enough to send a reply. at this point if i don't get a reply i am
going to a website that i read about to lodge a formal complaint about
ati tech. i will also see what i can do to contact some sort of bette
r business bureau to report my issues. so please just respond with an
answer i can use. i don't think i'm asking too much. i paid for the darn product. i just want it to work. i've had it now for over a year an
d have had problems with it from day one. no one seems to care enough
to want to help me though. as proved by the lack of response to any of
my e-mails.
still holding on to the false hope that you may want
to help your customers,
Jonathan F. Lory"
i know what you are think, "jeez he's long-winded!"
the problem here is that i have sent approximately 10 e-mails to these people and have gotten no response whatsoever. like i said in the letter, i just want the darn thing to work!. i have had it for a year and nothing but problems. this is a 240.00 product folks. where's the love? at this point, i'm recommending everyone i know steer clear of this company because THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's all. somedays i just wish i could talk to an actual human being.

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