Regina's Steakhouse Compliment - What a Fantastic Restaurant!

Review by ToniA on 2007-01-23
Regina's Steakhouse is a fantastic restaurant that is becoming more popular every week due to its wonderful cuisine, friendly service and cozy atmosphere. After recently reading a negative posting about this restaurant which is completely false in all of it's statements I felt compelled to let the public know the truth about this gem. I recently hosted my sister's baby shower at Regina's and could not have asked for a more perfect event! All of my guests raved about the "awesome food" and have been back many times since. Professionally, I am a catering manager at another successful restaurant in the area and every one of my high expectations for this event were surpassed. It upsets me that people may believe a totally inacurate and false posting. I can only hope that anyone reading this posting will give Regina's a try and I promise that they will agree that this is already one of Bergen County's best!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-01-22:
I would like to know the outcome of JohnKM's complaint on 12/12/06. It's hard to believe 33 people lied.
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-01-23:
"I recently hosted my sister's baby shower at Regina's and could not have asked for a more perfect event! All of my guests raved about the "awesome food" and have been back many times since. "

This event was recent, and ALL of your guests have been back MANY times since? Personally, I don't tend to eat at the same sit-down restaurant more than 1-2 times per year...I am skeptical that all of your guests have gone back multiple times in the recent past.
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-01-23:

My undestanding (from researching this) is that you don't get sick from food poisoning right after you typically takes 24-48 hours (or even longer) to incubate before you start showing symptoms.

Case in point, this past December my wife and I recently went to a well-known national sit-down restaurant chain and ordered the exact same thing. Approx 36 hours later, we were both VIOLENTLY ill with the exact same symptoms...Although it could have been flu, I guess, I truly think it was food poisoning just because that it happened to both of us at the exact same time. You're not going to know until well after you eat, however.
Posted by JohnKM on 2007-01-24:
Siffer - John here. Bill was paid in full by check after the event on Saturday. By Monday morning at 10 am I was deathly sick as well as 12 other guests. I called the restaurant and informed them that I was stopping payment on the check until they could tell me what was going on in there kitchen and if anyone there was sick. they never called back to apologize, see how my guests were feeling or anything! You would think they would try dome damage control. I guess that is what they are doing by putting up this phony "compliment" and trying to manipulate the website.
Once the judge sees all of the medical records showing food poisoning as the cause - these people will finally learn their lesson.
I'll keep you all posted.
Posted by D. on 2007-01-25:
You say that the negative review is completely false...were you there? Sounds to me as if either you or a family member works there (or possibly owns it?)...what makes you so sure it is not true? I believe the review written by JohnKM, and I believe he will be able to prove his case. This review is tells me the writer does have some connection to the place...just because you had a so called good experience, doesn't mean that every customer will have the same experience...Good luck JohnKM!
Posted by D. on 2007-01-25:
Now that I see the date on this thread was written BEFORE JohnKM's thread...I believe this poster is referring to some other incident that was posted. This thread being dated 1/23 and JohnKM's thread dated 1/ be fair to the poster, we need to find out which thread this one was disputing...even though I do feel JohnKM's complaint is legit...maybe the poster can direct us to the thread they are referring to????
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-01-25:
I think that the original complaint against this place was on 12/12 (looking up at the first comment on this thread). It is missing, however. Strange.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-01-25:
This one is getting messy. Somehow JohnKM's original review from 12/12/06, which I did see, has been deleted.

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