Ultimate Shopping Channel USN Complaint - Will not refund money

Review by millymolly on 2007-01-24
I ordered two items of Jewelry mid July 2006, I never recieved anything. I cancelled my orders in October 2006 and awaited my refund. Now we are in January and I have no goods and no money returned. I have emailed, called, emailed, called and wow now I call India seems they moved !!!!!

I have tried reporting this to goverment agencies etc etc and still nothing. I have found lots of places on the Internet with complaints about USN, why and how can they get away with this. They have got so much money from so many people and it seems THEY CAN KEEP IT !!!!!

Something has to be done, I will not accept that this can be allowed to go on and nobody is accountable.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-24:
Did you mean: Ultimate Shopping Network?


Either way I would not spend money on these places because once they have your money you have no control over what they will or will not give you. You might try calling your credit card company and dispute the bill. If you tell them what happened they may work with you? Good luck
Posted by millymolly on 2007-01-24:
Thank you for your comments. I did send my Credit Card Company all the details including copies of all emails to USN. I had been promised something would happen ie: A full refund or my items being delivered for so long that I had gone over the time period allowed for the Credit Card Company to act on this. I believe this is also a scam by USN to keep you dangling with false promises so your time does run out for help from you Credit Card Company. My Credit Card Company did try to help but said I was over the time limit and also told me they had many many complaints regarding USN. They gave me places to go to report this but I have had no luck and no help. Seems nobody can do anything. I have now read many complaints on the Internet regarding ULTIMATE SHOPPING CHANNEL and they too cannot get anywhere. So............they have our money and no obligation, funny ole world !!!!
I thank you for your comments and taking the time to reply to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-24:
#7 complaint about them since late December.

I found a report form an investment place that ranks USN as one of the top TV money makers for 2006. No surprise there since they apparently don't give refunds or merchandise.
Posted by Debra J. on 2007-01-24:
I have been bilked also. Fortunately, even though I was past the 60 days reporting with my credit card company they are standing behind me and have credited my account for the amount owed to me by USN while they continue to investigate. At least I will not be charged interest on the balance. I sent all correspondence, receipts from the post office, emails and a copy of the company's return policy with the hope that they will be able to track them down. I have not given up on hounding them myself and every day I write a nasty gram to the company asking for my money to be returned. In the beginning, I heard from someone by the name of Jessie McFarland,but even he doesn't answer my emails anymore. Good luck to you, hope someone will take the fall besides us!

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