Golden Nile Casino Informative - Cheated by Golden Nile Casino

Review by Bali Man on 2007-01-28
Between January 8-11 of this year, I deposited $955 with Golden Nile Casino. Each deposit was accompanied by a bonus of between 150%-175%. I made all my deposits by way of VISA card.

On January 11th, I went up about $3200. I requested a withdrawal of only $750, so as not to conflict with an rules they might have regarding bonuses. Significant information was requested of me, to process my withdrawal. I asked if my VISA card could simply be credited by the amount I had requested, and was told that Golden Nile did not have the capacity to make such a deposit. The information they required included: copies of my VISA card, front and back; copy of my driver's license; copy of a recent utility bill; and a very thorough information form that needed to be filled out in it's entirety. Reluctantly I complied. I was very concerned about identity theft. All the documents were forwarded to Golden Nile Casino by Email/attachment, within an hour of my requesting the withdrawal.

Four days later my request was denied. When I inquired by telephone as to the reason, I was told that the Accounting Department had not received my documentation. The customer service representative assured me all the requested documents were in my file, and asked that I call back during normal business hours. He promised to forward my documents to Accounting, and assured me that the matter would be handled that same day. The time he suggested I call back seemed more than odd. All the prior customer service reps at Golden Nile had told me they were located in Cypress. The call back time for normal business hours suggested a location somewhere in the Pacific. This customer service rep finally acknowledged the actual site to be in New Zealand, which was consistent with the accent of all the prior representatives.

I called back as instructed, but was told no one was allowed to speak with Accounting. Within a day or so I received Email confirmation that my documentation had been approved. When I called the next day to inquire as to when I might expect to be receiving my withdrawal, the customer service representative was very evasive. Next time I tried to log onto the site, I found I was "blocked" from doing so. Upon telephonic inquiry, I was advised that my account was being blocked because I had allegedly threatened a "charge-back".

First, let me say that I never threatened a charge-back or any other action. In fact, to this point in time, I am not certain what they mean by "charge-back". I'm assuming it means I threatened to have my VISA company refuse payment. If so, the allegation is not only not true, but not even possible. After finding my account blocked, I attempted to contact my VISA company (Washington Mutual Bank's home equity department).....only to find they had been shut down for at least 3 days due to a blizzard in San Antonio, Texas, where they are located. I cancelled the card by way of contacted VISA directly. VISA had no access to my specific account, other than to cancel it.

My branch was able to confirm that Golden Nile Casino had (without my requesting so) refunded all my deposits. Still, that $955 had been at risk. Had I lost, they would have kept my money. Since I won, they are clearly obligated to honor my winnings. My account is still blocked, and I have been told repeatedly that once blocked, an account stays blocked forever.

Well, I am not one to get cheated without fighting back. I've reported Golden Nile Casino to the U.S. Department of Justice's online fraud investigating unit. I have posted a blog at CasinoMeister. I have notified @ 40 Email buddies of the the fraud and asked them to spread the word to all their friends. I believe that in this world of instant world-wide communication, we might just blanket the globe within a few weeks. All the while, I've kept Golden Nile Casino abreast of all my efforts to expose them. I'm now told they are forwarding my case to their "fraud investigating department." I am not sure if this was intended to frighten me (as the words they used clearly suggested), or if they were having pangs of realizing they may end up losing more than the monies they have currently stolen from me. (down to about $650 in excess of what was credited back to my VISA account). In any event, I will persist.

Gambling has gotten a bad reputation because bad people use it to do bad things. Gambling is simply a very exciting form of entertainment. If pursued with caution and self-discipline, it's fun, ennervating, and offers the distinct and unique possibility of "winning." It's a crime that sites such as Golden Nile are allowed to sully the reputation of this ancient pasttime. I will do everything within my power to put them out of business, or force them to do honest business....whichever comes first.

Thank you for providing me with this forum. You are doing a service to this community we call mankind, and are to be commended.
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Posted by S on 2007-01-28:
This is what scares me about these online gambling places. Who knows where your money is going... and if you will ever see it again... even if you win!
Posted by Caliope on 2007-01-28:
Hi hon, so sorry about your problem! Go to Bingo Players and register. This is a forum for all bingo players and I am sure they would love to hear about Golden Nile or shall I say Golden Bile lol. They also help folks out when it comes time to holding these cretins accountable. Good luck.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-01-29:
"Gambling has gotten a bad reputation because bad people use it to do bad things"

Used to? If you think that gambling has magically turned into a mecca for honest people, you are wrong. Casinos are in the business of taking your money, not vice versa.
Posted by Bababooey on 2007-01-29:

Hey Bali Man: I have no sympathy for you whatsoever because only fools uses these "online" casinos. By using their "services", you are asking to be ripped off by these unscrupulous con artists!
Posted by S. on 2007-01-29:
Think maybe your next call should be to Gamblers Anonymous? It would be a cold day in that hot place before I'd mess around with online gambling!
Posted by Bali Man on 2007-01-30:
Bali Man, again....editing my original posting:
I erred in stating that Golden Nile Casino had refunded my deposits. My bank incorrectly read $955 in debits, as the company Golden Nile uses to withdraw from one's VISA card is named In fact, Golden Nile has stolen both my deposits AND my winnings, close to $2000. I will be relentless in my efforts to bring these gangstas to justice. You can help: Please call them at 866-266-6152 and tell them you are aware of their deceit. Tying up their lines and operators....and letting them know just how effective Internet broadcasting can be....might make them a little more conscientious regarding their business practices. I don't know if they always block accounts upon withdrawal requests, but I see from scanning the WEB that they do it often. By the way....I'm not gambling away my house. I used my Equity Line to deposit because it was my only credit card that would fund the site. I live in a very secluded place, and online gaming is an affordable diversion, one that I enjoy. I usually just play playmoney; but when I do play real money, I expect a fair shake.
Thank you for your attention, Jim Weinstock
Posted by Caliope on 2007-01-31:
Hey Bali go check out your blog site hon, tried to personally email you, but had to post info there. Good luck!!
Posted by Bali Man on 2007-01-31:
Thanks, Caliope. I posted at the Bingo's Player Union...or at least tried to...and going there led me to another good site. Unfortunately, these Casinos are sending out introductory $500 free money, to get you to download their software. I left there site on my computer for a year before ever depositing a dime. If I'd researched them, I'd have found Golden Nile Casino to be on various "rogue" and "blacklists." My guess is most players never take the time to do so, until it's too late.
Posted by Caliope on 2007-02-01:
BaliMan at BPU they have a section called "I need help"; go there and post your problem and they will respond as to how and when they can help. Also, post your complaint in the "Complaints" sector so that all can read it and avoid them. Lots of those places are huge rip offs, but, there are a few that are pretty decent. Good luck!
Posted by Bali Man on 2007-02-01:
My purpose, now, is simply to put Golden Nile on the defensive. I've reported them to every agency I could find on the Internet. It might sound juvenile, but I think it would be effective if readers were to call them (866-266-6152) and complain. If we pass the word around, we could tie up there telephones. They will either have to own up to their obligations, or go out of business.
Posted by James Weinstock on 2014-02-04:
I see Golden Nile no longer exists. It must cost a bundle to put a gaming site online. Perhaps Golden Nile's disappearance will pressure other gaming sites to honor withdrawal requests...perhaps.In the meantime, I've continued to play online, but only using the free bonuses and free tournaments. Lucky Creek cheated me in almost the same way as Golden Nile, blocking my account when I sought to withdraw. As I'd not put in any of my own money, I was less vigorous in trying to shut them down. Today I received a new "no deposit" offer from the site. How do I help shut down Lucky Creek, anyone know?

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