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Review by CavalierDan on 2007-01-29
COLUMBIA STATION, OHIO -- This place is good to dine at, but not to be employed by. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is pretty neat as well along with its setting. However, the management is a 28 year old young man who has a hot temper and is highly intimidated by anyone who may be equal to or better than he is. I'm not sure exactly how he got this position, but as usual.. somehow they get them. He makes up rumors about you and talks with his staff about them who you hear back from which is HIGHLY unprofessional, assumes and spreads why he thinks you want the position there, then believes in his own rumors and really puts a damper on the whole dining experience. Sadly, there are a long line of previous employees there who state the same opinions.... and even more sad yet, they haven't even been open a year :( YIKES! I am very glad I won't be attending the restaurant anymore, because he also decided to erase this post in fear someone else may find out about him. However, this is a public website and for opinions/comments and deserves to be heard loud and clear, regardless. If you want a great meal at a reasonable price in a decent atmosphere, check them out! If you want a decent serving career, look the other way! This guy can't handle a good employee when he sees one in fear it may cramp HIS style... the world seriously needs to get off their competitive kick, because there's simply no room for that in management.
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Posted by Caliope on 2007-01-29:
I have found that when someone feels threatened by another's intelligence they often don't want to hire you for fear of you taking their job; which is only a reflection of their insecurity. Good luck on job hunting and take care!
Posted by Jason on 2007-01-29:
It's a shame, but more and more employers are all too commonly becoming like the one you described. I don't know why these punks in levels of management have to bring their ego and own insecurities with them when they come to work, but they do! They get in these positions where they have a little bit of authority, and totally misuse and abuse it becaues of their own personal problems! Forget that place! And I will definitely forget about it too! Next time I'm looking for a good place to eat, Bootlegger's will definitely not be it!
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-29:
Caliope/JayZco, thank you! And thank you for using the word "punk" as well. I never stereotype right off the get go, but that word is exactly the bill that this guy fits. It's nice that someone understands as well, without thinking I am just trying to start some petty fight as they would!! I gave them credit on everything but their management, and that's my honest opinion. I always give people other chances, but I've truthfully had it with them. And "insecure" hits it right on the head as well. Notice that if you tell the insecure ones that or if they read this, you become the bad guy though, and they will pull out all the stops to get themselves to believe it, rather than just trying to fix it for themselves and become better managers from the criticism. HOW SAD!! Take care guys, and thanks so much again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-29:
CavD, what do you do? Did you work there at one time? I'd like to hear the 28 year old's side of the story. If the food and service is good I don't think that would put a damper on my dining experience. Welcome to the real world and good luck with that job at Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart or wherever you applied at. :)....
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-29:
thanks zzrokk!! Very true, and Good points, because the 28 year olds side of things are much easier to listen to because they're false, fake, and just for drama. Seems to be the world anymore. Take care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-29:
Why not invite him on here instead of prejudicing us against him? Play fair.
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-29:
Because this is just a simple case of poor management skills as so many places seem to obtain anymore, which is what this site is for. The good, the bad AND the ugly. I have had my fair share of them and know a bad one when I see them. When credit is due, I give it in full as most of my reviews are. I don't make others believe anything they don't want to believe. In fact, I just state it and go on.. but someone always has to oppose it with counteracting judgements just to start a fight by name calling and unneeded input., and I don't play that way... I just state opinions. However, most of society can't make decisions, assumptions, or judgements on their own though without getting it from someone else, contributing to our ongoing society of one sided thoughts, and keeping up with the jones's rather than establishing our own paths.. so I can see why you would think that. There's a big bold line between instructive criticism and just being a troublemaker. This is why I specifically said the food and atmosphere was great... and chances are as a regular consumer, you won't have to deal with the management. My post was for servers that may be in need. We don't all have egos so large that we aren't offended by someone treating us like crap; some of us actually take care of our mistakes instead of fighting about them. So go on in, have a beer or two, and enjoy your food. If you want to work there, go for it... but beware. In my new career, I am a boss in upper management where I am respected and don't discriminate on someone because they are "too good".. that's backwards. That means the person is a valuable asset to my company. Wow, Way to make a mature and informative website a place for fighting. I'll stop here though and won't be checking this again or any of the other previous posts, because you are one of many who feed off this as so many do. So sad... SOOOO sad...
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-29:
I have to agree with zzrokk. It isn't fair to just go on your word on a report like this without hearing both sides. You could just be someone who got fired and is pissed.

I'm not saying you're lying but it would be good to hear both sides, especially when a report comes from a former employee.
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-30:
Brenda, I thank you for being more civil about it than zzrokk. However, agreeing with him makes no sense... it is what it is... there is no "other side" unless the guy lies about something like he did to his staff, which is the whole basis of my comment that has gone completely out of wack because of others assumptions. So I will explain it a little more in detail.... I was just a guy in need of a temporary job due to a lay-off from my company where I myself am in upper management. To have to lower myself to these Wal-Greens and CVS type jobs was degrading enough, let alone to be treated like you are a threat, more than an asset is rude and unprofessional. And I can assure you that I am not as shallow minded as most out there who would come on here just to gloat about the company just because I was fired or because of a 'tiff' with the guy. I tried.. I really did for a long time, he's just a class act jerk with a big ego who doesn't fit management or have any management skills what so ever. And as you can see by 98% of my other reviews, I don't gripe unless there's a valid reason. I was surely not fired... the guy just has very poor management skills. I don't see how inviting the manager on here to defend himself would help the situation. That's not what this site is intended for. Being the type of gentleman he is, I guarantee he would just turn it on me somehow behind my back as he did previously, and to so many other employees passed. I'm a well rounded good worker with many values on a human life, and just know a bad boss when I see one. Given that, and the fact that there are all too many like this gentleman, I'm here to tell about it and forewarn people. That's all. I actually never even started the job because of what was getting back to me from a dear co-worker who overheard him speaking to his other staff who are under him. Given the fact that I am the only one who spoke with him in confidentiality about a serious issue, and what he turned it into and spread staff-wide, this proves that he is very unprofessional in his character. I really wish it were my fault, then I wouldn't have come on here to forewarn people and have to re-explain this in detail 5-10 times, but like I said... it is what it is. But if everyone sees things the way you and zzrokk do, then I suppose there's little hope for genuine workers like myself who are just trying to make it out there.. because we're such an intimidation factor that people can't just listen to us without having to feel that there just HAS to be some other reason behind things. You've seen bad management... perhaps at one time or currently you've been a bad manager yourself. You take what you learn, and correct it.. not blame it on people that didn't want anything more than to be a good employee and give you a chance. Hopefully this further clarifies things. I use this site for what it's purpose is for... helping out other... I don't use it to fight or to assume anything, as I said... just a simple case of a bad manager with a bad attitude towards everyone, even his customers... while his assistant runs around like a chicken with his head cut off doing all his grunt work... while the bar gaming machine is full of nothing but the managers names... because when he's not po'd at someone for no reason or swearing at his staff, he just sits and plays games. --and to those who think that's the way it should be, it's not. You set the bar as a manager.... and if you're just playing video games and degrading people who don't even deserve to be degraded, and are a constant negative factor who feels all he has to do is lock and unlock the doors, then shame on you.. because that's not what management is about.

Caliope, JayZco, thank you... for seeing it the way I intended it without assuming I was automatically the bad guy just because I was in a lower position than him. Brenda, thanks for being mature about it and just having a civil discussion without acting like the manager I am referring to. LoL.... take care out there...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-30:
Posted by S. on 2007-01-30:
Uh, uh, uh, Dan....'won't be checking this again or any of the other previous posts,...' You were evidently fibbing when you made that statement yesterday because you came back with a tome fully exposing your perceived elitism and juvenile mentality. Good luck in your 'upper management' position. I'd hate to run into you at one of 'these Wal-Greens(sic) and CVS type' places. You'd probably look in my shopping cart and tell me which items are wrong choices. It must get tiring carrying that huge chip on your shoulder. With your luck, someone will come along and knock it off for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-30:
Posted by bill on 2007-01-30:
"he also decided to erase this post in fear someone else may find out about him" That doesn't make any sense. First off I am reading it so he didn't erase it and secondly only the admin. can erase posts.
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-30:
Posted by Jason on 2007-01-30:


If you don't agree or have your doubts about something that somebody posts, well you have two choices.......... Either Read it and comment like ADULT HUMAN BEINGS on whether you agree or disagree, OR if you can't hold back from ACTING LIKE 2 YEAR OLDS and resort to name calling and putting people down, and writing downright negative nasty comments, then don't read it AT ALL, and don't post anything at all! IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!!!! I myself have experienced the WRATH OF YOU PEOPLE with the posts that I have posted! No matter what I write about.... either negative, positive, or informitive........... You people have to RIP ME TO SHREDS!!! Just as you are doing To cavalier dan!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! THIS IS AN INFORMITIVE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHEN THIS BECAME "THE SUPREME COURT" WHERE YOU HAVE TO OUTWEIGHT WHAT EVERYONE HAS TO SAY ABOUT SOMETHING AND RIP THEM TO SHREDS! AND COME UP WITH A VERDICT ON THIS PERSON THAT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT PEOPLE, THERE ARE STILL SOME HONEST PEOPLE OUT THERE.........IT'S A SHAME THAT YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO RUDE AND NASTY TO SOMEBODY WHO YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE!

GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CavalierDan on 2007-01-30:
You're right... I'm out to 'get you' and check your items and tell you what's wrong and what you shouldn't buy. If you knew me in person (which you don't), you would note the fact that I am one of the biggest hearted people out there, obviously judging by my other posts who actually does give a damn... but the majority of the census automatically assumes that everyone is out for blood and has to create some sort of drama out of it.. because obviously by all of your comments, that's what you guys do... and that's sad, because it means you're so damn scarred by the rest of the world that you can't even trust someone when they're trying to protect YOU. And it's much easier to jump on someone elses bandwagon who is badgering someone to death, than it is to actually hear their truthful side of it and give your "3 cents" rationally... just like high school kids do who bully and pick on people. I'm standing up for what's right, and that's not right... but you standing up for what you believe is right, IS right...just because the majority is messed up in the head and dillusional and only sees fighting and anger and badgering and picking out downfalls? Isn't that interesting... and there's the problem with the world today. People like you guys... you could blow up your best friends house, but somehow..you're right. So when the REAL right guy IS right, you won't hear of it... But writing all day does me no good with a group of juveniles... and This was MY post to begin with, so I'll write back if I want to, all I want to.. until I get tired of dealing with you. It doesn't mean you "WIN".. which is all you're after... it just means you've proven yourselves to be the exact mess of a human being I am referring to. Even after all your badgering and name calling, I lay it down in a nice long post to re-explain it, and you still have to come back badgering, and still disregarding everything I said, whilest still picking out stupid little things like "FIBBING" about deleting the post...FYI.. IT WAS DELETED.. I re-wrote it... so, smart guys,.. why didn't you catch that? And FIBBING because I said I wouldn't come back and then did, and wrote a "TOME" fully exposing this and that... what the heck kind of word is that?!...I dunno... all I know is that I've obviously ran circles around all of you and it's clearly just ticked you off, and I don't even know you guys... that's pretty messed up. Hating someone before you even know em.... and you're still using a website for an unintended purpose.. and I'm no longer going to be a part of that. If you read what I wrote as well, I also said I can take ANY criticism like Brenda's for example.. but when you act like you're acting, you're only in this for a fight and you're MISERABLE as a human being and can't be happy, no matter how much you tell yourselves you are. I've won awards and have a shelf full of cheesey "associate of the month" plaques, etc... there's no chip on my shoulder here... I just don't put up with typical idiots like you guys. You stand up for what's Wrong, and I will continue to stand up for what's RIGHT. Because the world is changing over right now, and idiots like yourselves will fall. So enjoy it while it lasts...where ugly, wrong and rude people get the glory. ...bad karma for you guys... Take care and I am glad I could help elevate your blood pressure over warning consumers about a bad manager. Happy Strokes To ya!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-30:
OH MY G*D, NOW THE TWO "OHIOANS" ARE POSTING CONSECUTIVELY!! Seriously my friends your time would be better spent updating your resumes' and filling out job applications. Monster.com, is a good place to start. Keep us posted and good luck!
Posted by bill on 2007-01-31:
JayZco: Hasn't the OP created drama and put down the manager of this restaurant? He has accused the man of having a hot temper, spreading rumors, and even deleting the original complaint. And remember, his remarks are not against an anonymous person. All you have to do is go to the restaurant and ask for the manager and that's who he is taliing about. .....
Posted by bill on 2007-01-31:
The OP never said he worked for the guy so for all we know this could all be 3rd party heresay. A mans reputation and character are on the line here so I hope the OP isn't spreading his own rumors (just like he accuses the manager of doing).

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