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Review by pugobuff on 2007-01-30
NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been reading some of the reviews for USN and I'm sorry to know that other people have been cheated just as I have. But I am grateful to know that I'm not alone. I ordered a ring from this company on 8/23/06 at a cost of $1900.00 plus shipping. I returned the ring on 9/4/06 and they received it on 9/7/06. I have my confirmation slip from the post office. I waited a reasonable amount of time before I called USN to inquire about my refund and I was given the same stories as everyone else. I have spoken to 8 different people and they all tell me it will be refunded in 5 days/ 7 days/15 days and so on. If the ring had been anything like I saw on the television I would have been very happy with it but it was nothing like what I saw and thought I was ordering. I called a number I found that was at another of their offices and I was told by this man that I should file a dispute with my credit card company, well of course the 60 days are long gone. I told him that it was not my credit cards company's fault that my account had not been credited but his company, he still kept on insisting that I file a dispute. I sent the Mayor of Los Angeles an e-mail with nothing but a form e-mail in return, so he is not interested in what goes on his city as far as this type of thing. I e-mailed USN and it was returned to me as not able to deliver. I tried to call today and everyone's mailbox is full. I had a reason for ordering this ring which was in memory of my husbands and my life and marriage and children. I wanted somthing to wear and have close to me in his memory since I had lost him so unexpectly. I hope the people that are involved with this company get what is coming to them some day. They do not care about the harm and hurt and burden they put on people having to pay for an item that we do not have, not to mention the interest that is tacked on each month. I am not in a position to hire a lawyer and fight this sort of thing and I guess they know the average person cannot so they just continue to do this to people. I hope that someone will be able to do something soon. I am a widow and live on a fixed income and this was a large investment for me and I was willing to sacrifice other things to pay for it. I don't have the ring but I do get that bill every month.
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Posted by Caliope on 2007-01-30:
Aw hon, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband my heart goes out to you. I would definitely file a complaint at the BBB and would look up an address for them; then, I would launch a major letter writing campaign.
God bless and good luck hon.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-30:
#8 in complaints about USN in the past 4 weeks.
Posted by D. on 2007-01-30:
Even though the time to dispute ran out for your credit card, they can still send you an extention on it. I had a dispute for a product I returned...it was more than the 30 days to dispute. However, the credit card company wants us to try and solve it directly with the company before disputing the charge with them. When I explained to the credit card company that by the time I had tried to handle it with the company by mail, by emails and phone calls, then the 30 days were expired. I had all the emails and documentation...so, they sent me a letter and gave me additional time to get the dispute information to them. In the mean time, they gave me a "Temporary credit" on my account..meaning during the time I was disputing, the charge would not affect my account, but if they did not recieve my information on the dispute in the additional time, the charge would be put back onto the account to collect..so, you might want to contact your credit card company anyway and tell them you have been trying to solve it directly with the company without satisfaction and ask for an extention to dispute the charge.
Posted by millymolly on 2007-01-31:
I am so sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to this Company. I have been calling emailing for months. My order and non refund goes back to July 2006. My credit card company asked to see all my contact with this company and I sent many emails I had written and many I had recieved from them but I was over the 60 days and the credit card company said eventually they could not help me. I wrote to the BBB way back and I got an email from them saying the company would not respond and they closed my file. I am still checking the Internet to try to find more about Ultimate Shopping Channel. Many people have the same complaint as you and I. I cannot believe like you that this is allowed to happen and nobody is accountable. If I had a way of linking everyone who is going through this right now and as one body send our complaints to get a result I would do it. It seems people are posting different places on the Internet to complain so nobody really knows the huge amount of people who have lost money. Don't give up, post everywhere you can on the Internet, complain to everyone you can and hopefully somehow somebody will pay for this one way or the other. I wish you luck. I come here daily to see if anymore complaints appear here and just saw yours so complaints are cropping up daily just not all on the same site.

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