Long Fence Informative - Lock on the fence. - White Vinly Fence

Review by Esther on 2007-01-31
GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- When we purhased the fence we were not advised that due to the county's rules regarding how the gate was to swing that the lock would be put on backwards. Also that the key to the lock was universal and that anyone who has a lock like the one we have or anyone who worked for Long Fence would have access to a key. I thought we would get a key that would be exclusive to our gate. We now have a lock on the gate that we need to go out through the garage around the house unlock the outside then we can use the gate from the inside. When trying to get this fixed I was told that we could leave the key in the lock on the inside. I was also told that I should have asked the salesman about the key. Who would think to ask a salesman if their key was universal. I think we should have been told in the beginnig and that they should have been more willing to help resolve the problem without their remarks. To this point they just say that the gate works both ways but who wants to have a gate and have to go out through the garage to open the gate so you can go out of your yard.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-31:
What's a Vinly fence?
Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-01-31:
That's a bit bizarre to me, as well. I would expect the lock on my gate to be exclusive, and easily accessible, also.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-31:
It sounds like they messed up and just don't to fix it. You can turn the gate around in most cases if there is nothing in the way of it opening. And if you really want the lock you can have a locksmith change the key so only you will have access to it. Good luck to you Esther.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-31:
I'd think you can switch it around like a fridge door, so it opens from the other side. Hope that helps.
Posted by D. on 2007-01-31:
I'd check and see if it really is the county's rule...I think they just put it on backwards and doesn't want to admit their mistake or correct it...and if it is the rule in which what the gate swings, I still don't understand why the lock can not be put on the other way? Are you able to buy your own lock with it's own key? I wouldn't feel safe with something like that.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-02-01:
Pirate, the poster said the lock was installed specifically the only way the county permits. The lock can I assume be changed by a locksmith, but is this an easily scalable fence? I say that because the lock's uniqueness may not have been so prioritized if anyone can just climb it. In other words, the lock is a modest deterrent and anyone out to match keys or pick it, would just as simply climb it if the wanted over bad enough.

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